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Is There Hope for the GOP?

November 15, 2012


ANDY writes:

There has been a lot of grief and apocalyptic disavowal of the GOP since Romney’s defeat. But the death knell is premature. The GOP can be saved. It is not too late. In short, Romney was a failure as a candidate. He refused to address the issues that mean the most to the white working class. But that’s no surprise because the party has abandoned its grass roots and is run by open borders, free trade plutocrats. Working-class whites saw through this and that’s a major reason why 12 million fewer people voted than in 2008.

We must win the party back. There are solutions to our problems and the Democrats aren’t going to offer them. By defending these solutions, the GOP can appeal to disaffected whites and even liberals. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. We’re like the Tibetans under the Chinese. But we can unite white America around its own interests and the greater welfare of this nation.  The demographic obstacles can be overcome.

Here are the major issues:


Unless we address the issue of money, we are never going to win America and Western Civilization back from the evil doers.
We need to abolish the Federal Reserve, bring back the Gold Standard, eliminate fractional reserve banking and then the middle class married people will be much more powerful compared to banks and lobbies. The purchasing power will skyrocket, inflation will evaporate, and cultural Marxism will be dealt a death blow.

Ask yourself why liberals are winning these issues for the last 70-80 years. The answer is simple. Liberals control fiat money, the Federal Reserve and the banking system. This gives them enormous power to control lending, interest rates, who gets the newly printed money and who influences policy.

When the U.S. was on Gold until 1933 domestically, America was a conservative country, and when the last link to Gold was abolished in August 1971, the very next year abortion was legalized. Raunchy material on TV (programs such as Good Christian Bitches) would be unthinkable then.


If an astute GOP leader articulates it well, ending mass immigration can be sold as a job-creating, income-boosting, environment- and tree-saving imperative even to liberal whites.

The main GOP financial backers with close links to Federal Reserve such as Fred Zeidman of Texas, Mel Sembler of Florida, Steve Cohen and Paul Singer of New York, and Sheldon Adelson of Las Vegas (who traffics young white women to prostitute at his casinos in Vegas, Macao and Singapore, which my friends in Singapore have seen with their own eyes), are pushing for amnesty and massive nonwhite legal immigration behind the scenes. Despite that, all 19 Islamic terrorists were immigrants. The best way to defeat Islam is stop Islamic immigration and bomb them.  But the anti-white GOP and Democrats are inviting millions of legal Islamic immigrants, while sending gullible young white soldiers to build schools, hospitals, toilets with trillions of white dollars.

The Fifth Column traitorous commentators such as Karl Rove, Hannity, Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Norman Ornstein are already calling for amnesty because they benefit behind the scenes, financially and politically. Once the GOP is dead, they will simply defect to the Democratic Party. FOX news owner Rupert Murdoch is calling for massive amnesty. Basically FOX is the evil twin of MSNBC and CNN that keeps gullible whites busy with trivialities and trinkets but never addresses the big issues such as massive, nonwhite illegal AND legal immigration; the fiat money Fractional Federal Reserve banking system designed to benefit nonwhites, and constant wars to kill young white soldiers or amputate their legs, hands, testicles and eyes instead of starting families and having babies. Patriots are against legal AND illegal immigration.


Given the divided country, it is impossible to overturn Roe vs. Wade and get a constitutional amendment. But if you remove federal courts jurisdiction by a majority vote 51-49 in the Senate, which is doable, then the abortion issue will be settled at state level as per the Tenth Amendment. In this way, at least 35 states will immediately outlaw abortion saving millions of innocent lives and the 15 liberal States (mostly on the East and West Coast) will still keep those laws. Conservative minorities can then chip away little by little in these 15 States by outlawing third trimester abortion, then second trimester abortion and so on. Science and morality both are on conservatives’ side, but conservatives are politically gullible. Chip away little by little, instead of trying to push through the whole thing in one giant swoop.

In this manner, liberal- and conservative-leaning whites can be brought together constitutionally. Same story with homosexual agenda.

Abortion was legalized in India around the same time as in the U.S. in the early 1970s, but the abortion rate per capita in India is 1/8th that of U.S. So if the churches (temples in India) are strong and growing, this moral issue can be taken care of at the family and local level. Morality of society reflects in the laws, but the anti-abortion laws cannot make a society more moral. Solzhenitsyn said it. And I agree with him.


The GOP did not address economic issues at all.  It was the same old nonsense: “Don’t raise taxes,” “Cut spending,” etc. People have heard this nonsense for the last 50 years. The GOP did not attack racial quotas, racial business loans, racial subprime housing loans, and free trade.

Can you show me one single populist message from Romney’s mouth that said, “I will cut federal income tax on the 99 percent of Americans who make less than $350,000 a year?”  So while Romney pays 13 percent tax, working America (you and me) pays 25-35 percent. Romney was all about, “Don’t raise taxes on me, but keep all taxes on thee.”  Who will listen to Romney’s garbage?

Everyone loves Henry Ford and Steve Jobs because they made stuff that improved people’s lives.  I talk to my family and parents on Facetime from an Iphone to see their happy faces.  I drive the car and take my family to places that Henry Ford bought to the masses.  What did Romney do besides loot working class America?  Capitalism means free enterprise, when you build high quality stuff in factories to improve people’s lives with new ideas in a free society and pay decent wages to workers.  That’s what Henry Ford was all about. He single-handedly doubled the daily wage and gave birth to middle class.

Capitalism is not borrowing money from the Federal Reserve to raid companies, sell their assets and ship all jobs to new factories in China.  That is Parasitism.  Romney was a blood-sucking parasite. Working whites saw through his lies.  That is why 12 million fewer voters voted in 2012, most of them working whites.

White decline:

We must advocate white interests as benefiting diversity, enriching humanity, then it becomes a moral imperative. If we sell the message as declining white identity and fertility means declining global diversity, and rising white fertility means rising diversity, then it acquires a moral imperative with moral backing.

With right tactical choice of words and phrases, it can be done.  Romney could have said, “Whether you are a working class white working hard in an auto-manufacturing plant, a suburban mom trying to pay the mortgage, or an African-American worker in the city, these programs only benefit the elite, the banksters, who make money out of all Americans, white or black. Whereas you are losing your jobs and houses and your future.”

This populist message would have struck a chord.  He never did it.

When Romney pandered to the NAACP, to La Raza on amnesty, and fail to criticize endless wars which have destroyed white families (80 percent of casualties are young, white, working class soldiers, men and women), the white working class saw Romney as the evil plutocrat who will ship their jobs to China and Mexico, and leave them starving in the temple of free trade. Free trade and wars have devastated the white working class, and Romney showed no more empathy than Obama to attract their votes.

If Romney had appealed to whites on taxes, racial job quotas, racial business loans, mass immigration, free trade, racial college admissions, etc. and a whole host of other issues, he would have won a higher margin of the white vote.

If Romney had pledged to eliminate racial spoils system in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which makes housing cheaper for Hispanics, blacks, Asians, and out of reach for whites, he would have won. The best way to shift the white vote from Democrats to Republicans is to make housing cheaper and neighborhoods crime-free by eliminating racial spoils and zoning mandates. Then white women can get married and have children. The more white women get married and have children, the more Republican they become. Exit polls show it.

Had Romney won 65 percent of the white vote instead of 58 percent, he would have won 45 States and the presidency in a landslide.

If we look at group evolutionary psychology we come to the realization that groups show herd mentality. It has become uncool to be white, to be a proud white, to celebrate white achievements, Shakespeare, Goethe, Beethoven, Wagner, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Alexander the Great, Hippocrates, Aristotle, white civilization and white fertility. According to one book, 97 percent of all the world’s achievements were produced by white women and men.

But this can change. Once a substantial number of whites (perhaps a subset of Romney’s voters) show courage and celebrate whiteness, that 50:50 gap between whites will shrink to 90:10 whites: 90% those who love whiteness, and 10% whites who still loathe it.

It is the cultural Marxist media which has indoctrinated whites, and it is up to whites to change that.

—- Comments —-

Buck writes:

Andy! You are the man. Perhaps the most succinct plan for action that I’ve yet read. Your prescriptions are dead-on. Heck, just to hear someone suggest that we end the INSANE policy of fractional reserve banking is powerful enough. But, you offer a practical approach to getting around Roe vs. Wade, and another for restoring our lack of common sense on immigration and jobs. But your appeal to us pathetic whites to stand up as whites is your most important idea. Whites are only ten percent of the world’s population, yet as you point out, whites are responsible for more than ninety percent of man’s achievements. Why do we act like were the most guilt-laden people on the planet?

Laura writes:

Whites should defend themselves in keeping with diversity, on behalf of all racial groups. That is a good suggestion. This is something that whites, with their universalistic thinking, can grasp. It is not other races that most forcefully resist white identity. It is whites themselves. And this rhetoric is not deceptive. It is truthful. The welfare of all in America does depend on the welfare and flourishing of whites.

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