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Leaving Home

November 8, 2012


LILY writes:

I am a 29-year-old woman. I’ve never finished college, I don’t make much money, and I don’t have access to power or inside information, but even I knew this Republican defeat was coming. I tried to explain this to my husband (who is Welsh) yesterday in the car, but he just didn’t understand. I know that there is no place left for me or people like me: middle class, white, married. The country I was born in is not what I was always shown it was. I feel bitter, and sad, and also angry that my elders took my future and the future that should’ve been my children’s away from us. I cried yesterday, I could barely sleep the night before, but I know in my heart it’s of no use. My country doesn’t want me anymore.

My husband and I, though, knew this was coming, and we have already made arrangements to leave this place. He leaves for Wales soon, and when he is settled there I will follow. We have gotten rid of our apartment, have been selling everything we can’t fit into our suitcases, and I’m saying my final farewells to the land of my birth. I’ve been trying to convince my family to come when I get settled there, but my sister, ever the die-hard liberal, sees nothing wrong with the state of our nation and will not hear of moving. For her, the unpredictable British weather is more of a concern than her two teenage children’s future. I pray for them, because there is nothing else I can do. My only hope is that more people out there like me can make a move, and go someplace else where they will be safer and will have a chance. I pray for them, too. But my heart is filled with sadness.

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Susan-Anne White writes:

Wales is part of the United Kingdom as is Northern Ireland, where I live (and where I was born.) The UK is not immune from the ideology of the PC Left, in fact, the dangerous feminist/socialist/amoral agenda has had spectacular success in influencing and changing public policy and laws. I wish I could say that Wales is different but I fear it is not! Here in Northern Ireland, which prospered under biblical principles in times past, but has largely abandoned said principles, we are confronted with gay pride parades, a gay sauna, radical anarchist/feminist groups and “former” terrorists in the NI Assembly. This Saturday, 10th November, a group called “Derry Anarchists” will march in support of the recently-opened Marie Stopes clinic (an abortion provider). We (my husband and I ) hope to have a Christian witness against these anarchists and that clinic but, so far, we cannot find anyone who will stand with us in our counter-protest. I fear that Wales is as godless (or even more godless) than N. Ireland.

Sibyl writes:

Sometimes I have been tempted to look around for somewhere else to live, where my concerns for my children’s future would be relieved, and where my values would be, if not shared, at least tolerated and respected. Unfortunately, there really seems to be nowhere. My best wishes go with Lily and her family, and may they prosper and have blessed lives in Wales. But if Wales has any access to the Internet and an airport, this culture will eventually catch up there just as well as here. I’ve heard the Welsh are extremely stubborn and independent-minded — that is good. But then, that used to be a common descriptor of Americans too.

No, I think the best strategy is, rather, to leave the culture rather than the physical boundaries of the country. We still have our liberties to assemble and publish, to marry freely, and to have and raise as many children as we wish. While we have these liberties, let’s use them to the utmost to build the culture of life to the very best of our abilities. Let’s start with ourselves. Remember — the darker the room, the brighter even a small candle will be.

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