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Maybe an All-Female Senate too?

November 27, 2012


RUTH BADER GINSBURG said during a public appearance the other day that equality for women will be achieved when there are nine female justices on the Supreme Court. In other words (for all those who still hadn’t gotten the message), it isn’t really about equality after all.

Good enough. Let the dreams of this wizened, man-hating revolutionary come to pass. Let there be nine women on the Supreme Court. I nominate Whoopi Goldberg as Chief Justice. Let all the women on The View get a chance. The court wouldn’t be much more of an outrage to justice than it is now. Let it go.

—- Comments —-

James P. writes:

Why not an all-female Marine Corps? To use her logic, nobody was shocked when the Marines were 100 percent male, so why would they be shocked if the Marines were 100 percent female?

Laura writes:

All sewer workers should be female too. No one was shocked when they were all male.

Funny, how feminists never notice that men have dominated the dirtiest and most dangerous jobs too. They’re not clamoring to be plumbers.

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