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Men Can Have Girlfriends Too


JANE R. writes:

Pictures do say a thousand words. This photo of Gov. Christie and Obama is sarcastically being referred to as their Love-In. I don’t get it. The whole country is watching and this is how politicians conduct themselves and allow themselves to be photographed? Weird!

—- Comments —-

James P. writes:

Open collar, no jacket or tie, rolled up sleeves… I’m not sure what this is intended to convey. We are warm and genuine? We are doing hard work outdoors?

What it actually conveys is lack of seriousness.

Christie really needs to wear a jacket all the time. He never looks good without it.

Laura writes:

Informality today conveys the idea that one is too busy to be bothered with small things. Slovenliness means seriousness. It’s a total inversion of former standards, and it’s a lie.

Yes, Christie should never appear in public without a jacket.