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Nanny Speaks of Anger and Shows No Remorse

November 6, 2012


AS posted at VFR, The Daily Mail reports more extensively than the Times on the latest in the nanny case. Yoselyn Ortega said she had an argument with Marina Krim the day before the killings and resented the family for its demands. She was also told by the family that she might be fired for poor performance. It is a shocking account of apparent revenge that totally conflicts with speculation of a psychotic breakdown.

Lawrence Auster writes:

Everything in yesterday’s Daily Mail’s article (copied below) supports what we have said before: by being too close to her children’s nanny, Marina Krim inadvertently established the conditions for Yoselyn Ortega’s insane rage which led her to murder Krim’s children. Ortega was the Krims’ employee. But the Krims also treated Ortega as part of their family, even spending several days with Ortega and Ortega’s relatives in the Dominican Republic. As a result, when problems arose with regard to Ortega’s work performance, Ortega was not just being criticized and threatened with possible dismissal by her employer, she felt she was being betrayed by the woman who had led her to think of herself as part of Krim’s family.

The relationship between employer and employee, which is based on a contractual exchange of work for money and which can end any time if the exchange becomes unsatisfactory to either party, is fundamentally different from the relationship between family members, which is based on enduring ties.

Boundaries—between employer and employee, between officers and enlisted men, between males and females, between native and foreigner, between white and nonwhite—exist for good reasons. Over and over we see how the liberal compulsion to topple all boundaries, in the name of human fraternity and equality, unleashes envy, hatred, evil, and violence.

The newspaper reports:

RadarOnline reported yesterday that Ortega ‘told NYPD detectives that she was involved in an epic argument with Marina Krim the day before the children were tragically murdered.’

‘Yoselyn also said that when she left at the end of the day before the murders, Marina ignored her when she said good-bye and this made her very, very angry,’ Radar’s source continued.

Yoselyn became extremely animated when she discussed the incident with police, telling officers that she had numerous disagreements with mother Marina about how the kids were being cared for.

Marina didn’t think Yoselyn was interacting with the kids enough and was giving them junk food when she was out of sight.

Ortega told police when she woke up from her coma that she was angry because the family wanted her to clean as well as look after the children.


Manhattan ‘killer’ nanny charged with murder of 6 and 2-year-old children

‘I’m paid to watch the children, not to clean’: Manhattan ‘killer’ nanny tells police she was angry at family because they asked her to do housework

‘They were our best friends’: Parents of two children ‘murdered by nanny’ pay heart-breaking tribute to their ‘sweet, creative and fun-loving children’ as they are laid to rest

While being interrogated Yoselyn repeatedly asked about her family and asked how they were doing.

She didn’t express remorse or cry when talking about Lucia and Leo’s murders.

‘It was rather shocking to cops because of the gruesome crime scene that Yoselyn didn’t express any emotion when speaking of the kids. Everything was just rather matter of fact,’ Radar’s source reported.

Yoselyn was not on medication Saturday and still seemed ‘spacy’ during the hospital room chat.

A Dominican Republic native, Ortega was questioned by police after allegedly butchered six-year-old Lucia and two-year-old Leo while they were under her care at an Upper West Side, Manhattan, apartment last week. [cont.]

—– Comments —–

Mark L. writes:

 Among other tidbits from the article:

“Marina didn’t think Yoselyn was interacting with the kids enough and was giving them junk food when she was out of sight.”

Well then, problem solved. Guess they won’t be eating junk food anymore.

Honestly, who cares whether this woman is clinically proven to be mentally ill, insane or whatever. Having destroyed these lives, she has trespassed into no-man’s land. She’s taken something not only from the victims, but their parents also, that she can never, ever repay. Justice demands she forfeit her own life.

She should be executed. And any healthy, sane society would see to it that she would be.

Not us, though. Our compassion extends to everyone but the victims.

Laura writes:

It would be sick and unjust to let this creature go on living.

If this account is true, I can imagine how horrified the cops were to listen to her suggest that she was justified.

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