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Single Women ♥ Obama

November 7, 2012


ALL their “WE LOVE YOU, WOMEN” slobbering did almost nothing for the GOP yesterday. The party lost female voters once again by a large margin. According to Politico:

After all the discussion of Obama’s play for women — and his effort to make Romney appear extreme on women’s issues — the president won among female voters by 12 points. He took 55 percent of the demographic, compared with 43 percent for Romney — not far off from 2008, when he won women by 13 points.

In particular, the president won big among unmarried women, who backed the president by a whopping 38 points, 68 percent to 30 percent.

That’s at least partly because in the modern world, a significant minority of single woman are married to the state.

——- Comments —–

Kevin M. writes:

Drug dealers routinely give out free samples to new clients. Then they give discounts. Then, once the new customers are hooked the prices go up. Pretty soon there’s an auction for the stuff.

The Libs have been, for over 50 years, creating the Nanny state and now Nanny is in the perfect position to bury the pedal and take this country for all it’s worth. They have taken over education, the news outlets, the entertainment industry and whatever other areas of mass indoctrination. I am not engaging in hyperbole, nor sowing my sour grapes over the election results, when I say that this country is finished. We have long passed the point of no return. At least half of this country has converted to the religion of entitlement and government-sponsored lifestyle. Few single women look for a man to support them; why should they when the Ultimate Alpha Male (the trillionaire federal gov’t) now promises Julia and the sisterhood to cover all their expenses? In 1950, the birth rate among single mothers was two percent. Today it is 41 percent. The prison population, male and female, raised in fatherless homes is over 90 percent. Tell me I’m wrong when I say we’re on the way out.

I am so glad I don’t have kids. I am not a sadist, and I can’t imagine the bleak future our country’s young will inherit. I firmly believe we are witnessing the opening chapters of the End of Western Civilization. The lights are going out.

Alex A. from England writes:

Your perceptive comment that “In the modern world, a significant minority of women are married to the state” isn’t limited to the economic dependency of so-called single mothers. A huge number of educated women seem to have swallowed the liberal or government line on just about every moral and social issue. They’ve stopped thinking for themselves.

It’s no exaggeration to say that civilization depends upon the innate conservatism of women – and in particular its expression in family law.

Laura writes:

Even women who are not dependent on the state for various forms of welfare are emotionally and financially married to big government because it provides them with a comprehensive system of feminist guarantees that give them security and moral purpose. Women are innately conservative when the realm they naturally excel in, which is the private sphere, is flourishing. Needless to say, it is not flourishing today.

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