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A Cuckold with a Vitalist Wife

November 12, 2012


JAMES P. writes:

You wrote,

“Men, it seems, have lost all of their instincts when it comes to keeping their wives away from other men. I have a hard time feeling sorry for Broadwell’s husband. What was he thinking when he allowed her to go off every day? Why did he marry someone so unsuited to loving him? I guess he too was bowled over by Broadwell’s decadent vitality and attractiveness. Also, he might have liked the fact that she was going to earn big bucks. Life in Washington, or wherever else they lived, is very expensive.”

I couldn’t agree more. To permit your woman to travel overseas in close proximity to a powerful other man is nuts. Of course, that’s exactly what happens whenever a married woman deploys. Thus, marrying a woman who serves overseas is nuts.

The Broadwells live in North Carolina, and as I understand it he is a radiologist. Therefore, he did not need whatever big bucks she was going to earn. It would not surprise me at all to find that after they divorce, he will wind up paying her alimony despite the fact that she humiliated him in front of the whole country.

The “third woman” has surfaced. She looks as brassy, aggressive, and low-class as Broadwell. Not hard at all to see why Broadwell found her threatening.

Laura writes:

Even though they were living in North Carolina, life is expensive for anyone living the life of a status-conscious dual income couple. There is the McMansion, the private schools, the endless services to replace the woman at home. These are all astronomically expensive.

One point: Broadwell was not deployed or actively serving at the time of the affair. She was interviewing Petraeus for her book.

Andy writes:

Technically, cuckoldry is an act when the Wife has a child with someone other than her husband. Just as female cuckoo does it with male cuckoos. Hence the word cuckoldry.

When no egg has been laid, no child has been produced, then it should not be called cuckoldry.

My personal impression is that monogamy has been a recent development in human history, and the medieval practice of second or third wives allowed society to reconcile the desire to have additional children with other women, once the child bearing possibilities with wife have expired.

Two reasons why there has been an explosion in infidelity in recent decades:

1. Media instigated Cultural Marxism and erosion of sexually conservative mores. Channeling sexual urges towards self destructive purposes such as recreational sex, sodomy, pornography, instead of reproductive success, begetting healthy beautiful children and raising them well.

2. Enormous downward pressure on White women’s fertility due to access and addiction to contraception leaving males in a diminished position to attain reproductive success with their only wives, an untenable situation, and replenish the vitality of White Western Civilization.

Laura writes:

Monogamy has been the norm for more than 2,500 years in Western culture. Perhaps one might say that it is relatively recent.

Polygamy was always a form of exploitation of men as it deprived many men of the ability to reproduce at all. It does not increase childbearing possibilities, absent a severe shortage of men, since it effectively neuters many men and renders them unable to procure wives.

I agree with Number One in your list. Number Two doesn’t make sense to me as most adulterous affairs involve contraceptive use too.

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