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The New Meaning of “Husband”

November 9, 2012


MR. TALL writes:

Like many others, I’ve not been feeling very chipper the past couple of days. My gloom was deepened yesterday morning when reading through some news headlines on The Daily Mail site. It occurred to me that in many contexts the only place you will now see the word ‘husband’ used is to identify a homosexual man’s ‘mate.’ A heterosexual woman’s mate is always a ‘partner.’ How very far we have progressed.

—- Comments —–

N.W. writes:

Rather ingenious ploy on their part. Cement the understanding of heterosexual couples as equal partners, and make gender specific terms carry homosexual overtones. At a certain point, the words “husband” and “wife” may just be polite euphemisms to indicate a couple’s orientation, or disorientation as the case may be.

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