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Voices of Advent

November 19, 2012



NOT ALL nuns are foolish progressives who travel around the country advocating socialism. Here are the cloistered Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, from Missouri singing selections from their new Advent CD. The sister interviewed in this video does not mention how much work, discipline and artistry it normally takes to achieve such beautiful sounds. She makes it sound easy, but surely it is not. From the order’s press release about the CD:

St. Augustine delighted to repeat those beautiful words, cantare amantis est – to sing is the work of a lover. This is most true. Speech is sufficient for the expression of a man’s ordinary thoughts; but let a stronger or sweeter emotion take possession of his heart, and as if by instinct he will life up his voice; the monotone of habitual speech no longer satisfies him, and he will sing; with the Psalmist he will ask that his mouth may be filled with songs. Repleatur os meum laude, ut possim cantare. Song, then, especially sacred song, is above all a manifestation of love. The Ideal of the Monastic Life, Dom Germain Morin, OSB

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