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When Allah Rules, Will They Dare Protest?

November 21, 2012


IN THE entry about the demonstrating French feminists who cursed Christianity and opponents of homosexual “marriage,” Daniel S. writes:

With Christianity gone from the public square and from the hearts of most Frenchmen, an old enemy has returned. Islam is now set to surpass Catholicism as the dominant religion in France. The hedonistic nihilism of the decadent, spoiled bourgeoisie will naturally crumble before the soldiers of Allah that now populate large portions of France. It might be boobs for these spoiled children today, still playing out their silly rebellions against any father figure, but it will be burqas tomorrow when the Muslims, with their eternal will power, assume the upper hand.

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Daniel S. continues:

Along these lines, in the Old Testament we find God using various tyrannical empires: the Assyrians, the Philistines, the Babylonians, etc. as a means to punish and admonish the children of Israel for their assorted rebellions against God and their persistent lapses into paganism. Our pre-modern Christian ancestors held a similar view of the Turks, Huns, Goths, Mongols, and other heathen invaders, that they were a scourge from God sent to punish the wayward Europeans and bring them to repentance. I often wonder, and I am sure other Christians do as well, if God will use resurgent Islam as a means to punish the rebellious children of Europe (like Israel before it, I do believe that Europe, and North America by extension, has a unique relationship with God) and bring them back to Christ. Remembering that God is just, this is certainly something to contemplate.

Kevin M. writes:

Do these French women know of the rape statistics in Norway and Sweden? Gangs of Muslim youths milling the streets throughout the night, preying on Norse and Swedish girls? Some accounts state that in some cities the Muslims are responsible for 100 percent of the rapes.

What does that tell you?

Oh, the sheer oblivion of it all.

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