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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Violence that Outrages Few

  DANIEL S. writes: While Barack Obama, Dianne Feinstein, and the rest of the liberal establishment continue to manipulate the mass murder of school children to push through their totalitarian “gun control” agenda, Muslims that the Obama administration sponsored in Libya and Syria continue their own campaign against the remaining pockets of Middle Eastern Christianity. […]

Two Mothers Too Many

  SPEAKING of the commodification of children and the suicidally low birthrate of white Americans, this New York Times article about a lesbian’s efforts to procure a child is a revealing glimpse into the sentimental narcissism behind these phenomena. Among the details: the child’s young, unwed mother chooses two lesbians to adopt her child because she wants to […]

Russia Bans American Adoption

  A NEWLY-ENACTED law banning adoption of Russian children by Americans prompted immediate outrage this week by the American press and politicians, who generally consider any desire by an American for a foreign child to be sacred and inviolable. The ban was signed into law by Vladimir Putin yesterday and is part of a larger bill that has […]

By 2060, Nonwhites Will Be Almost 60 Percent of U.S.

  ACCORDING to new Census projections, whites will cease to be a majority group by 2043. Nonwhites, who now compose 37 percent of the population, will more than double in number, and become 57 percent of the total, if the projections are correct. The L.A. Times reports that the white population will decline by nearly 20.6 […]

The Essence of Safety

  MICHAEL S. writes: Check out the photo with this New York Times article about crime in the city. Of course, it focuses on a beaming female police graduate. Note how much shorter she is than the men to either side of her. She’s practically a MiniMe. The incumbent Chief Bloviator of New York, Mayor Michael […]

Attached to Home but Unable to Live There

  SARAH S. writes: At Christmastime one sees family members and occasionally a revelation occurs. My grandmother is quite old, no longer able to drive or live alone in her own home. She will not think of selling the property that has been hers and my late grandfather’s for over 40 years. But what has […]

Is Christmas a Solstice Celebration?

  IT IS widely believed that Christmas is celebrated on December 25th because the holiday is an adaptation of popular pagan winter festivals. Two writers, The Catholic Knight  and Taylor Marshall, assail this theory, pointing out, among other things, that it is reasonable to assume that Christ, who was conceived on March 25th, was born on the […]

The Divine Baby

    IN an essay on Christmas, the late Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira reflected on Mary’s initial reaction to the birth of Christ: The iconography of the Renaissance completely deformed one aspect of Our Lord. It presented the Child Jesus as a foolish babe in order to give an idea of His purity. The artists of […]

All I Want for Christmas Is a Family

  THE MOST popular item on the Christmas wish lists of British children included in a recent survey was a sibling, according to The Telegraph. The tenth most popular request was for a father. No doubt many children were disappointed when they found iPhones under the tree instead. The illegitimacy rate is about 50 percent in […]

Merry Christmas

  I WISH you joy and happiness this Christmas, dear reader. May the miracle of Christ’s birth fill you with wonder and may it grant you the confidence and strength to battle the forces of darkness.


  WHEN the Ghost of Christmas Past appears to the hard-hearted Ebenezer Scrooge on the night of Christmas Eve and takes him on a journey back in time, one of the episodes of Scrooge’s past that they revisit is a party at the warehouse of Scrooge’s former employer, Mr. Fezziwig. The scene has been played countless […]

Iowa Court Defends Discrimination

  THE IOWA Supreme Court has upheld a dentist’s decision to fire his assistant because she was highly attractive and wore tight, revealing clothing. The dentist claimed that working alongside the asssistant was a threat to his marriage.

Promiscuous Grief

  ROGER G. writes: Ilana Mercer expresses what I have been feeling about the public grieving for the victims of Sandy Hook, but have not been able to put into words: “The pornography of public grief in our country is almost as warped as the evil (not ill), mother-slaying, mass murderer responsible for the Sandy Hook carnage. […]

Christmas with the Helmers

    HENRIK IBSEN’S famous play A Doll’s House, which premiered in Copenhagen in 1879 and has been staged many thousands of times since, is a now classic statement of modern divorce. We will never know how many women have been inspired or encouraged to leave their husbands by Nora Helmer, Ibsen’s lovely and effervescent housewife who […]

Thirty-Six Hours of Christmas Music

  JANE S. writes: The best classical music station in the world, KDFC in San Francisco, has a special program every year for the holidays. Starting at noon on December 24th, they play Christmas music for 36 hours straight. They pause to announce the station every now and then but other than that, it is nonstop. I don’t […]