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Daily Archives: December 1st, 2012

A Not-Very-Benevolent Sexist Pig

  READERS are racking up very poor scores in the sexism test mentioned in the previous entry. Terry Morris comes in at the very bottom on his “benevolent sexism” score. Mr. Morris writes: I often act as though I’m going to be a gentleman and hold the door open for my wife, then suddenly close it […]

Why Marry?

  IN PENNSYLVANIA, a “single mother” who earns $29,000 a year takes home a total of $57,326, counting welfare subsidies and benefits, according to a state official quoted in The Delaware County Times. A single mother who earns $69,000 takes home $57,045. Imagine if the same level of support were given instead to couples who had been […]


What Narcissism Does to a Woman’s Face

  KIDIST PAULOS ASRAT in a post about celebrity women writes that the actress Keira Knightly, who is now starring in Anna Karenina for those who can stomach it, brought a “pouty narcissism” to the role of Elizabeth Bennet in the movie version of Pride and Prejudice. She writes about the photos below: Left is English actress […]

Single Mother, Beaten Child

  JAMES N. writes: There are many crimes which, although I would not actually do them, I can imagine how the perpetrator came to commit the crime. There are some crimes for which I can say, “there but for the grace of God go I.” But I cannot fathom the common scenario where a woman […]

Two Men and a Dream Wedding

  JULIA writes: A relative of mine recently got married to his partner in an upscale, expensive same-sex wedding ceremony. I saw the pictures from the wedding and I was struck by the blank look on his face in one photo after another. It was supposed to be the happiest day of his life, one […]

Life with a Dog

  JANE R. writes: I just finished listening to This American Life with Ira Glass on public radio. I want to steal a minute and tell you about the episode. Ira Glass was being interviewed on his own show. I missed the introduction to the show and assumed they were talking about a child with […]