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A Black Woman’s View of Interracial Marriage

December 3, 2012


NESSIE writes:

I read some of your posts on interracial marriage and would like to add my voice from a black perspective (I am a black woman).

A black male friend of mine was recently engaged to a white girl. I had a weird visceral reaction to the news, but could not put it into words until recently. Read More »


Rule No. 1: Seek Friction

December 3, 2012


JAMES P. writes:

Julia writes in the entry about her relative’s homosexual “wedding:”

“(Please don’t use my real name if you publish this! My relative is a nasty, outspoken gay rights activist who lives on the West Coast with his millionaire partner. He hates Catholics with a passion and he would have no qualms about posting awful things about me, and getting his friends to do the same, if he found out I wrote this.)” Read More »


December 3, 2012


Leaves, Arthur Rackham (Image Courtesy of Art Passions)


The Meaning of a Lost Glove

December 3, 2012


ALAN writes:

One morning last week I was walking along a residential street in south St. Louis when I noticed, there on the sidewalk in front of me, a child’s glove.  No one else was walking nearby.  Evidently it had been dropped and not missed at that moment.

So what? So this:

It struck me the moment after I saw it and walked past it. The child’s glove reminded me instantly of something sacred and solemn:  A mother’s devotion.

It reminded me of my mother’s attentiveness to her little boy’s well-being on winter mornings more than half a century ago when she made sure I was dressed warmly before she let me go outside to play in the snow.

It reminded me of winter mornings in 1957-’59 when I walked through freshly-fallen snow on the seven-block path through Marquette Park to St. Anthony of Padua parochial school.

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