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Daily Archives: December 5th, 2012

The Downside of Small Houses, Exhibit A

  There was an old woman    Called Nothing-at-all, Who lived in a dwelling     Exceedingly small: A man stretched his mouth     To its utmost extent, And down at one gulp     House and old woman went. (Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes, Cupples & Leon Company, 1930)

The Necessary Militance of Housewives

  WRITING at The Remnant, Solange Hertz wonderfully expounds upon an important subject: the necessary militance of housewives. Home and the entire private sphere of mores and manners that is properly a woman’s domain, she writes, are safeguarded not with gentleness and tact alone, but with the willingness to fight and engage in feminine warfare. Being a […]

Why You Should Ignore Studies of Same-Sex Households

  ANOTHER study came out this week indicating that children raised by homosexuals fare worse than children in other households. The study, which is actually a re-evaluation of an earlier study that was more positive, appeared in the journal Demography. Here is a recap at the Heritage Foundation. Truthfully, I am not very interested in […]

A Call to Anti-Feminists

  JEREMY MORRIS writes: Here is an article by Andrea Roltgen at Freedom Outpost that you will enjoy. There is nothing contained in it that you are not aware of already. But I particularly enjoyed the manner in which she describes the problem. The quote that follows gave me a chuckle, as well as a reminder of […]

The Fluke Vote

  JONATHAN V. LAST,  at The Weekly Standard, closely analyses the role of single, unmarried voters in the recent election, a subject which has been discussed here before. The number of single voters increased by a remarkable six percentage points from 2008. Last writes: To put this in some perspective, the wave of Hispanic voters we’ve heard […]