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The Downside of Small Houses, Exhibit A

December 5, 2012


A Little Nothing Woman, Arthur Rackham (Courtesy of Art Passions)

There was an old woman

   Called Nothing-at-all,

Who lived in a dwelling

    Exceedingly small:

A man stretched his mouth

    To its utmost extent,

And down at one gulp

    House and old woman went.

(Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes, Cupples & Leon Company, 1930)


The Necessary Militance of Housewives

December 5, 2012


WRITING at The Remnant, Solange Hertz wonderfully expounds upon an important subject: the necessary militance of housewives. Home and the entire private sphere of mores and manners that is properly a woman’s domain, she writes, are safeguarded not with gentleness and tact alone, but with the willingness to fight and engage in feminine warfare. Being a rather militant housewife, I couldn’t agree more.

Hertz writes in her essay, “The Housewife as Guerilla”:

While others may cover themselves with glory before the cameras on the video battlefield, the guerrilla is doggedly jamming the channels, sabotaging supply lines or planting counterpropaganda in recreation areas. Women, not because they are naturally underhanded, but because they are women, take to this naturally. Read More »


Why You Should Ignore Studies of Same-Sex Households

December 5, 2012


ANOTHER study came out this week indicating that children raised by homosexuals fare worse than children in other households. The study, which is actually a re-evaluation of an earlier study that was more positive, appeared in the journal Demography. Here is a recap at the Heritage Foundation.

Truthfully, I am not very interested in this study or in the other studies on the issue, regardless of their conclusions. Although it is perhaps necessary that such studies be done, I do not consider them useful. Focusing on studies is a major distraction and a losing battle. We do not need studies to know that same-sex households are harmful to children.

Here are the reasons why I recommend you also ignore these studies: Read More »


A Call to Anti-Feminists

December 5, 2012



Here is an article by Andrea Roltgen at Freedom Outpost that you will enjoy. There is nothing contained in it that you are not aware of already. But I particularly enjoyed the manner in which she describes the problem. The quote that follows gave me a chuckle, as well as a reminder of how despicable the average male has allowed himself to become. I see it every single day.

“A man would once be ashamed if he was unable to provide fully for his family. Now, he stands in the checkout line, blissfully equipped for the job of throwing Fruit Loops on the checkout belt, while his “partner” wields a government cash card. He’s got his Xbox at home, his beer and his chips. He’s got no clue whatsoever that this is a degradation to his very core. “

Read More »


The Fluke Vote

December 5, 2012


JONATHAN V. LAST,  at The Weekly Standard, closely analyses the role of single, unmarried voters in the recent election, a subject which has been discussed here before. The number of single voters increased by a remarkable six percentage points from 2008. Last writes:

To put this in some perspective, the wave of Hispanic voters we’ve heard so much about increased its share of the total vote from 2008 to 2012 by a single point, roughly 1.27 million voters. Meanwhile, that 6 percentage point increase meant 7.6 million more single voters than in 2008. They provided Obama with a margin of 2.9 million votes, about two-thirds of his margin of victory. Read More »

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