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Eau de Pizza

December 6, 2012


THE pizzafication of society continues apace. In the latest development, Pizza Hut has marketed its own perfume, a scent alleged to smell like fresh-baked dough. That’s strange — Pizza Hut pizza doesn’t smell like fresh-baked dough.

Unfortunately, this perfume was a limited edition product and it has, unsurprisingly, sold out. We can only hope for more. And perhaps a Domino’s version too.

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Happy St. Nicholas Day

December 6, 2012


St. Nicholas Eve, Richard Brakenburg; 1685

HERE is a detailed description at the St. Nicholas Center of the history and legends surrounding St. Nicholas, who was born in third-century Greece on December 6. The account includes the stories of how this patron saint of children and unmarried women provided the dowry for three poor girls and how he saved a ship from sinking. He is also the patron saint of sailors:

Several stories tell of Nicholas and the sea. When he was young, Nicholas sought the holy by making a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. There as he walked where Jesus walked, he sought to more deeply experience Jesus’ life, passion, and resurrection. Returning by sea, a mighty storm threatened to wreck the ship. Nicholas calmly prayed. The terrified sailors were amazed when the wind and waves suddenly calmed, sparing them all. And so St. Nicholas is the patron of sailors and voyagers.

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The Sociopathic Social Sciences, cont.

December 6, 2012



Ignore not only studies of same-sex households, but almost all research in the so-called humanities.

I’ve taught at several universities—in sociology and now at a college of teacher deaducation—since 1970. I can tell you that left-leaning, so-called liberal, progressive, “critical” research on family, gender, feminism, social justice, equality, disadvantage, discrimination, achievement gap, and the rest of the assortment of agenda-driven writing is mere propaganda. It is an effort by the self-appointed and self-anointed Gnostics in “liberal” arts and education, and their lesser light (as-yet-untenured) useful idiots, to take over the entire apparatus of how to identify and define societal problems, how to think about problems, and what (the only correct) sorts of solutions there might be. Read More »