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Daily Archives: December 10th, 2012

Vatican II and Communism

  HENRY McCULLOCH writes: The Catholic World Report has always struck me as accepting of Vatican II (“properly interpreted,” anyway).  As we’re now at the fiftieth anniversary of Vatican II, CWR has devoted its current issue to “Vatican II: Fifty Years Later.” Interestingly, it isn’t all cheerleading.  In one of the articles, Edward Pentin asks, […]

What Women Never Hear

  FITZGERALD writes: This post at What Women Never Hear is spot on, especially these first few paragraphs: [Men and women] differ in so many ways. Women seek emotional fulfillment and they go after it. Men expect sexual fulfillment but they also expect not to have to work hard for it. They will work hard […]

Primitive Tribes Show Shocking Interest in Procreation!!

  IN THE ATLANTIC, Alice Dreger, a professor of “medical humanities” at Northwestern, ponders the findings of two anthropologists who have discovered two African tribes where homosexuality and masturbation are unknown. These tribes present several puzzles to the liberal mind and their ways of life are instructive. Indeed, I would say anthropologists will be studying them for decades, […]

Power through Symbol

  I WAS mostly away from the computer this weekend and was able only to post quickly the entry about the changed University of California logo. When I returned, I found a half a dozen or so comments that captured the significance of this symbol. The comments so perfectly demonstrated the good sense and insight typical […]