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Daily Archives: December 11th, 2012


From ‘Father Knows Best’ to ‘Dad’s a Fool’

  JODI writes: I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and quite like what I see. It is refreshing to read common sense for a change. Thank you for your effort to be a light in this dark, ugly world. I found this image on a friend’s site today. Is it just […]

When Numbers Are Not Decisive

  IN his remarkable 1886 book, El Liberalismo es Pecado, or Liberalism is a Sin, the Spanish priest, Fr. Felix Sarda y Salvany addressed the issue of the relatively small number of individuals resisting liberalism. I like what he says very much because it addresses a complaint I hear often: “There are not enough of us.” His […]

An Overlooked Form of Charity

  MARK MONCRIEFF, from Australia, sends a donation and this note: I read an article recently in which the author saw a handicapped man and his care-taker on the street and was so overwhelmed with emotion it made him cry. Later on he thought what a hypocrite he was as he had never donated to […]

Zombie Science

  THIS 2008 article by Bruce Charlton is relevant to the recent discussion here of social science studies. The article concerns the scientific world at large, which Charlton describes as rife with “zombie science.” He defines zombie science as the “sinister consequence of evaluating scientific theories purely on the basis of enlightened self-interest.” He writes: In […]

The Great Catastrophe in France

  TIBERGE at Galliawatch provides a translation of an article on mass immigration in France. From the piece: Many Frenchmen of European origin feel like foreigners in their own country. In certain neighborhoods, they become an oppressed minority. Foreign customs – the Islamic veil, boubous, djellabas – are forced on them in public areas.

Ann Barnhardt

  JESSE POWELL writes: The persona of Ann Barnhardt has always grated on me. It always seems aggressive and hyper-masculine, way more manly than any man actually is. When I see her in action I always think, “Why is a woman behaving this way, it should be a man instead, why does this culture always […]