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Daily Archives: December 15th, 2012

A Sprawling Prison

  LIKE COLUMBINE HIGH SCHOOL, Sandy Hook Elementary School is housed in a typical sterile and depersonalized school building. Almost 650 children between kindergarten and fourth grade attended the school before the shooting. America sees nothing wrong with these factory-style conditions for children. Schools are as appealing as prisons, and they will become more and […]

A World of Grotesque and Perverted Violence

  AT VFR, Lawrence Auster writes: … This society has normalized the abnormal and the evil. In particular it has normalized, in the all-surrounding mass entertainment media, displays of extremely sensate, grotesque, and perverted violence, and no one in the society publicly opposes it. Therefore the whole society shares the guilt. And children share the […]

California, 1947

  ERIC writes: Notice the way men, women and children comport themselves in these scenes from life in Ontario, California in 1947.

A Feminized Culture is a Violent Culture

  ONE OF the fundamental pretenses of liberalism is that it stands on the side of non-violence. A liberal is tolerant, accepting, open and, above all, a pacifist. Feminism, in particular, has always held that if more women were in power, society would become more peaceful because women are less prone to aggression. However, if […]

How Could It Have Happened?

  AT VFR, Ed H. writes, regarding the massacre at a school  in Connecticut: As they track down the story of Adam Lanza, and all standard parts fall into place — the weak absent father, the dingbat single mother, the liberal, well-meaning psychologist who was “working” with Adam, the shallow friends who found him “edgy” and […]