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Exposing Children to Reality

December 16, 2012


IN THIS entry, a reader says that lockdown drills in schools, in which teachers and students rehearse a massacre scenario, may not be harmful for children because they prepare them to face reality. I respond to his points.

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Where is the Harm from Single-Father Homes?

December 16, 2012


A READER from Ireland writes:

Greetings from Ireland. I wish you and yours a Happy, Holy and Peaceful Christmas plus a Prosperous New Year.

You may find this gem of some interest. ┬áBarbara Kay, of the Canadian Association for Equality, says that there are four MILLION single fathers raising children, be they widowers or simply “normal” single fathers in North America. She said that there is NO evidence whatsoever to link children raised in single-father homes to the type of disasters that the research shows regarding children raised in single-mother homes.

Laura writes:

Thank you.

She is terrific.

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