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Daily Archives: December 17th, 2012

Feminine Submission Saves a Marriage

  IN THE Atlantic, of all places, an Evangelical Christian writer describes how feminism nearly ruined her marriage and how she came to discover a radical solution: Respect for her husband. I can already hear the Internet-wide tantrums that will result from this piece. Nina Roesner writes: I grew up as a product of second-wave […]

A Culture of “Institutionalized Malignancy”

  WRITING AT The Remnant, Christopher Gawley, who lives ten miles from Newtown, Connecticut, reflects on the school massacre. Here is an excerpt: My heart is so full of brokenness and sorrow I can scarcely grasp what has happened. Such depravity! As I drove home from work tonight, with a dull numbness pervading, I dreaded the fact […]

A Well-Funded Campaign for the Domestic Violence Industry

  MOVEON.ORG produced this TV ad, which has aired on major channels this past week. It is in favor of VAWA, the domestic violence law that supports the cult-like battered women’s industry. The House has yet to approve reenactment of the law, which encourages false allegations and weakens due process protections. Here is a recent report […]

Isolation and Insanity

  YEARS AGO, I met a woman at a neighborhood pool party. She was an older mother who gave birth to twin sons in her forties. I remember her two boys. They had dark black hair and were jumping in the pool with all the normal energy and playfulness of their age. They were four […]