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Feminine Submission Saves a Marriage

December 17, 2012


IN THE Atlantic, of all places, an Evangelical Christian writer describes how feminism nearly ruined her marriage and how she came to discover a radical solution: Respect for her husband. I can already hear the Internet-wide tantrums that will result from this piece. Nina Roesner writes:

I grew up as a product of second-wave feminism, having learned from the media that men were oppressive, foolish, and incompetent. Perhaps as a result, I spent nearly the first decade of my own marriage “fighting for my rights” with my husband. I criticized him and bossed him around. It wasn’t that he was such a bad guy, but rather I was trained to spot potential oppression and domination by the male gender. I took personally his lack of attention to detail around the home or with the baby. I made a practice of letting him know his failings on a regular basis, expecting his behavior to change.

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A Culture of “Institutionalized Malignancy”

December 17, 2012


WRITING AT The Remnant, Christopher Gawley, who lives ten miles from Newtown, Connecticut, reflects on the school massacre. Here is an excerpt:

My heart is so full of brokenness and sorrow I can scarcely grasp what has happened. Such depravity!

As I drove home from work tonight, with a dull numbness pervading, I dreaded the fact that the liberal establishment would take this occasion to launch yet another campaign against gun rights.  Even in the sickness I felt while processing this tragedy, complete with all the remorse for the victims and their families, I was angry at the thought that this too would be politicized.  Read More »


A Well-Funded Campaign for the Domestic Violence Industry

December 17, 2012


MOVEON.ORG produced this TV ad, which has aired on major channels this past week. It is in favor of VAWA, the domestic violence law that supports the cult-like battered women’s industry. The House has yet to approve reenactment of the law, which encourages false allegations and weakens due process protections. Here is a recent report by the anti-VAWA organization SAVE on the violations of civil rights associated with the law.


Isolation and Insanity

December 17, 2012


YEARS AGO, I met a woman at a neighborhood pool party. She was an older mother who gave birth to twin sons in her forties. I remember her two boys. They had dark black hair and were jumping in the pool with all the normal energy and playfulness of their age. They were four years old at the time. This woman’s husband, who was not present, was in his sixties. The age of the parents was unusual and struck me as odd, but they seemed pleasant people. I occasionally saw them over the years at local events.

Two years ago, one of the twin sons, now in his early twenties, murdered his mother, his father and his twin brother with a samurai sword in their home in an otherwise normal suburban neighborhood.

For years, this son had been acting strangely. While his brother went to college, he remained home. He had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and, apparently, the family was attempting to cope on its own with this disorder. Aside from the gruesomeness of their deaths, I imagined hellish years as they encountered his increasing irrationality and paranoia. Their isolation was haunting in retrospect. Why had no one stepped in and institutionalized this young man? Did this couple, because of their love for their son, entertain false hopes? Where were the doctors to confine him to a mental institution?

In interviews after their murders, extended family members and relatives seemed detached from the situation, as was reportedly the case with the relatives of Adam Lanza.

Also, in retrospect, the age of the father of the boy who murdered his parents is telling. He was possibly  too old and effete to take care of his family and to institutionalize his son. He was one of those fathers who was more playmate and soccer coach than authority figure. See Ed H.’s excellent comment at VFR on the effects of the weak, feminized father and the “feminization of everything.”

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