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A Christmas Greeting from a Reader

December 19, 2012


A READER from Hillsdale, Michigan sends a Christmas note. He writes:

It is a joy to be able to offer a contribution to The Thinking Housewife, a site which is itself a joy. Change is constant, but as a society we seem to have surrendered to change and lost the ability to retain those “permanent things” spoken of by Russell Kirk, instead descending into a nihilism worthy of Nietszche’s statement “without God, all things are possible.” The Thinking Housewife has been a journey back to normalcy, taking into account changing times, and a vehicle which regularly inspires me to recommend it to people.

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Antidepressants and Mania

December 19, 2012


THE DISCUSSION of the role of psychotropic medications in the increased incidence of mass shootings continues. A reader cites this article by Peter R. Breggin in the International Journal of Risk and Safety in Medicine. [Note: Another reader takes strong exception to Breggin’s work. See below.] Breggin wrote:

All antidepressants cause mania and mania is an acknowledged adverse effect in the FDA-approved label of all antidepressants. Preda et al. [66] carried out a retrospective study of 533 psychiatric hospital admissions over a fourteen month period and found that 43 (8.1%) could be attributed to antidepressant- induced mania and/or psychosis. Read More »


More on Adam Lanza

December 19, 2012



Everything you and your commenters have mentioned as factors in the Adam Lanza case all involve one, inescapable fact: parental neglect. All of it, including the drugs, the violent video game playing, and the issue of protecting him from negative consequences of his own misbehavior involve parental neglect.

As to the last in that list, watch a few documentaries about famous American serial killers and you will see that this is very common among them – their parents were always running interference for them everytime they got themselves into the slightest trouble with authorities as children, and even into adulthood. But I’m one of those no-nonsense kinds of parents who believe with all my being that even so-called “child safety locks” – those gadgets many, many parents mindlessly place on their lower cabinet doors to prohibit their children from getting into them – are, ultimately, psychologically damaging to children.

Jill Farris in the previous entry makes good points about Lanza’s upbringing that are worth repeating here: Read More »


Rally for Sodomatrimony in France

December 19, 2012


THIS photo, posted and discussed at Galliawatch, shows a French child holding an obscene sign in favor of homosexual “marriage.” This child’s participation in the rally, and the fact that the demonstrators find it entertaining, says much about the cause this rally espouses.

At root, homosexual “marriage” is an enemy of childhood innocence. Amid all the talk of love is callousness and scorn for the child. Whoever is in charge of this boy’s life should be thrown in prison.


The Revolutionary Dorothy Day

December 19, 2012



Who can be legitimately called a saint amongst us? What is a saint? How does the non-saint know when he is in the presence of one given the full measure of God’s grace?  Does the saint openly radiate that grace, because in the last analysis, Catholics know – or should – that only God can make a saint?

Michael Gerson, a columnist at The Washington Post, wrote of the recent vote by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to advance the cause of Dorothy Day’s claim to sainthood. It is an interesting column about an interesting woman, but I am reminded of the Chinese curse: may you live in interesting times. Read More »

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