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What One Reader Learned about Antidepressants

December 20, 2012


IN THE ongoing discussion of antidepressants and violence, Zippy Catholic, who has also commented on the issue here, writes:

As for myself, although I’ve never been on psychotropic drugs, I’ve personally seen people who were not violent or suicidal become violent and suicidal on SSRI’s, and then lose those characteristics when carefully weaned off of them. Read More »


Robert Bork

December 20, 2012



Robert Bork died yesterday. The nation has lost a great patriot, towering jurisprudential intellect, and devoted Christian.

I met him only once, but during our extended conversation (at an airport where we were awaiting boarding of a delayed flight), I came to realize that, to quote the Bard, Judge Bork’s qualities were such that:

Whenever the bright sun of heaven shall shine,
His honor and the greatness of his name, shall be…

Requiescat in pace.

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Feminism Encroaches on the Mormons

December 20, 2012




Not content to destroy the armed forces of every Western nation, subvert all of the churches in every Western nation, shut down worthy boys’ and mens’ sports teams nationwide, and distort news reporting and entertainment everywhere by imposing their bizarre worldview and slate of grievances, feminists now train their sights on one of the few remaining institutions in the West that so far had seemed free of their depradations: the Church of Latter-Day Saints.

As The New York Times reports, Mormon women of the feminist persuasion are expressing their desire to change their church to be more accommodating of women by wearing pants to church.  Read More »


The People vs. the Masses

December 20, 2012


IN AN essay posted at Tradition in Action, the late Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira examined nativity scenes by 17th-century Portuguese artists. He wrote:

At a first glance, [a scene by the sculptor Joaquim Machado de Castro] might create an impression of disorder in some observers. We are accustomed to the disciplined and soulless crowds of large modern cities, the masses who file silently into movie theaters or grimly and hurriedly cross the streets when a traffic light or policeman’s whistle stops the flow of cars to let them pass. These crowds have become so soulless and standardized that at huge public gatherings they applaud as if they were one huge entity, in which the individual personalities were dissolved like drops of water in the ocean.

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Firearms Training for Teachers

December 20, 2012


OATH KEEPERS has offered to provide free self-defense and firearms training to school teachers and administrators. Stewart Rhodes, the organization’s founder, writes:

Children deserve to be defended. And the teachers and staff who are responsible for children during the school day deserve to know how to defend them – effectively, decisively, and at the very outset of an attack. And they deserve a fighting chance to defend themselves as well. It is not enough to tell them to sit tight and wait for the police to arrive. All too often, by the time the police get there, it is too late.

Teachers and school administrative staff need the tools and training to put a stop to the killing themselves.

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In a Young Man, Supreme Evil

December 20, 2012


IN THIS previous entry on Adam Lanza, Perfesser Plum writes:

Take everything evil in human history, every iconic villain, every sin and character defect of our mournful species; squeeze them into one body and soul, and you get the modern mass killer of children in the guise of a young adult. Read More »

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