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Daily Archives: December 21st, 2012

Christmas with the Helmers

    HENRIK IBSEN’S famous play A Doll’s House, which premiered in Copenhagen in 1879 and has been staged many thousands of times since, is a now classic statement of modern divorce. We will never know how many women have been inspired or encouraged to leave their husbands by Nora Helmer, Ibsen’s lovely and effervescent housewife who […]

Thirty-Six Hours of Christmas Music

  JANE S. writes: The best classical music station in the world, KDFC in San Francisco, has a special program every year for the holidays. Starting at noon on December 24th, they play Christmas music for 36 hours straight. They pause to announce the station every now and then but other than that, it is nonstop. I don’t […]

The Inverted World of Christmas Greetings

  THOMAS F. BERTONNEAU writes: From my employer, SUNY Oswego, I receive only “holiday” greetings.  From my remote colleague at the University of Tehran, where I have supervised a dissertation, I receive honest-to-God Christmas greetings.  I have also received Christmas greetings from the student whose dissertation I oversaw.  She, like the colleague, is Muslim.  Truly the world is standing […]