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Is Christmas a Solstice Celebration?

December 27, 2012


IT IS widely believed that Christmas is celebrated on December 25th because the holiday is an adaptation of popular pagan winter festivals. Two writers, The Catholic Knight  and Taylor Marshall, assail this theory, pointing out, among other things, that it is reasonable to assume that Christ, who was conceived on March 25th, was born on the 25th of December. The Catholic Knight writes:

I submit to you that everything you’ve heard about the supposed “Pagan origin” of Christmas is false. It is much hyperventilation over nothing really. Not only is it false, but it is based on such poor scholarship that it ought to be embarrassing to anyone who embraces it. Sadly, it would seem the whole modern world has embraced this error, a serious error, which ought to give us some pause.

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The Divine Baby

December 27, 2012


From The Nativity by Giotto


IN an essay on Christmas, the late Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira reflected on Mary’s initial reaction to the birth of Christ:

The iconography of the Renaissance completely deformed one aspect of Our Lord. It presented the Child Jesus as a foolish babe in order to give an idea of His purity. The artists of that period often presented Him as an inexpressive infant without showing any sign of His divine mentality. I cannot think that such a thing is true. On the contrary, I believe that everything we admire in Our Lord as a man – His goodness, balance, distinction, affability and strength, and especially His transcendence – was already manifest in the face and body of the Divine Infant.


All I Want for Christmas Is a Family

December 27, 2012


THE MOST popular item on the Christmas wish lists of British children included in a recent survey was a sibling, according to The Telegraph. The tenth most popular request was for a father.

No doubt many children were disappointed when they found iPhones under the tree instead. The illegitimacy rate is about 50 percent in Britain and the average age of new mothers is 30. Asking for a normal family is sort of like asking for the moon, which was also included on some Christmas wish lists.

Santa Claus should get out of the toy and electronics business and start delivering brothers and sisters instead.

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