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A Bright and Shining Moment

December 2, 2012


I READ yesterday the news stories about the first same-sex wedding ceremony at West Point’s chapel and was completely uninterested. This “wedding” between two elderly lesbians, whose enormous smiles belie an immense disdain for our heritage and for civilization itself, was news around the country but it is not news. It’s just another all-too-predictable ceremony of the liberal state. These two women, and homosexuality itself, are convenient characters in the drama. These uplifted swords, with their evocation of America’s martial past, and this Gothic chapel, with its reference to the fortress of Christianity, are magnificent props. They serve in the most theatrical way to affirm the power of the liberal state and to proclaim its victory. It has conquered our most treasured institutions. It has stolen right up to the foot of the altar. Liberalism has defeated the greatest competing authorities to itself: traditional morality, masculine initiative and the family. It has defeated God himself. This wedding is an assertion of power. There have been many like it for years and there must be more and more ceremonies of its kind. For the forces liberalism has conquered are the forces of life itself.

—- Comments —-

Joe A. writes:

Caligula and Incitatus.

Malcolm Pollack writes:

That Gothic chapel, like the institution it serves, is now a department of what Mencius Moldbug refers to as “the Cathedral.”

The Hagia Sophia endured a similar transformation, long ago: while its somatic cells remained more or less the same, it had its germ-line swapped out.

Caroline Beckenhaupt writes:

Looking at that picture of the two lesbians’ wedding at West Point makes me feel like I’ve been sucker-punched (try zooming in on it–ugh).

Symbolically speaking, the two females in their uniforms in the foreground were what led to this desecration. In my opinion, women in leadership roles in the military parallel the military’s tragic decline. Look at us: we can’t even be victorious over a 7th century two-bit hell hole like Afghanistan.

You are so right about these old white lesbians. Witness the smug and smarmy expression on the standing one’s face. As if they’ve been discriminated against ever in their pathetic lives. The “marriage” for homosexuals movement is truly one of naked hatred for all that is good and normal and protective of civilization.

God bless you and thank you for your work.

Perfesser Plum writes:

The bride, sporting a crisp flattop and a broad smile that revealed modest leakage of Dentu Grip along the gum line, was resplendent in a brilliantly white yet strangely tacky pants suit and orthopedic shoes. The groom, dressed as an undertaker—her hair neatly cemented into that most offensive style made famous by Janet Reno—“The Princeton Hair Helmet”—her long arms dangling nearly to her wing tips, jogged beside her bride who shot down the aisle on an electric walker. The mannish women cadets, their heads decorated by buns that were well past the expiration date, and their large bottoms breaking the natty lines of their uniforms, could not believe their luck as participants in yet another abomination dreamed up by Demented Culture Commissars of the liberal state. “Such a lovely couple. Why should nature dictate human action,” opined a female English major, her face festooned with stove bolts. “I sssoooo agree,” replied a male sociology major, cleverly disguised as a bum. “Thank God they can’t procreate,” said a Conservative gentlewoman to herself, as she spat meaningfully into the corner

Texanne writes:

And here’s a soundtrack to accompany the wedding video.

Laura writes:


Consultus writes:

Like Justice Powell, I know obscenity when I see it. This picture shows an obscene perversion of human love, brought on by the perverting propaganda of the Leftist culture in which we live. In trying to love the sinners while hating their sin, I remind myself that they really have been warped by their society. Sadly, it’s also true that their example will help warp others.

It is unutterably sad how many people cannot see what is wrong with SSM. They know not what they do, I suppose.

How did we get here? The comment above by Caroline Beckenhaupt has it right. When a society goes wrong about the sex roles, it is doomed. Political correctness is the greatest danger to our military.

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