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A Call to Anti-Feminists

December 5, 2012



Here is an article by Andrea Roltgen at Freedom Outpost that you will enjoy. There is nothing contained in it that you are not aware of already. But I particularly enjoyed the manner in which she describes the problem. The quote that follows gave me a chuckle, as well as a reminder of how despicable the average male has allowed himself to become. I see it every single day.

“A man would once be ashamed if he was unable to provide fully for his family. Now, he stands in the checkout line, blissfully equipped for the job of throwing Fruit Loops on the checkout belt, while his “partner” wields a government cash card. He’s got his Xbox at home, his beer and his chips. He’s got no clue whatsoever that this is a degradation to his very core. “

—- Comments —-

Joe A. writes:

Men permitted feminism in the first place. Men need only revoke said permission. Act like a man to be treated as a man.

Laura writes:

To some extent, that is true. Unfortunately, feminism is institutionalized. It doesn’t matter how a man acts when he is faced with a system of job preferences pitted against him or a restraining order initiated by a wife who is seeking to render him a widower.

Joe A. writes:

No one said it would be easy. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

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