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A Feminized Culture is a Violent Culture

December 15, 2012


ONE OF the fundamental pretenses of liberalism is that it stands on the side of non-violence. A liberal is tolerant, accepting, open and, above all, a pacifist. Feminism, in particular, has always held that if more women were in power, society would become more peaceful because women are less prone to aggression.

However, if we look closely at the kind of society feminism creates, we see that the opposite is true. A feminist society is not a peaceful one. Feminism encourages violence.  It is no surprise that mass shootings have become increasingly common in the last fifty years.

Feminism encourages violence by creating homes without fathers.

Feminism encourages violence by leaving women too overburdened or emotionally unstable to provide maternal love.

Feminism encourages violence by depriving children of siblings and extended family, who may ease their alienation and force them to learn restraint.

Feminism encourages violence by leaving children under the supervision of popular culture, which exalts and glorifies violence and death.

Feminism encourages violence by making government-run, atheistic schools, which alienate boys with their feminized regimentation, the center of community life.

Feminism encourages violence by creating hordes of female psychologists who understand little about aggression and hatred and are powerless to restrain it, and yet who create the illusion of control.

Feminism encourages violence by weakening communities, so that fewer people recognize when someone is dangerously mentally ill and families are left alone with those who are unstable.

Feminism encourages violence by disenfranchising men, whose relative powerlessness creates rage and resentment.

Feminism encourages violence by feminizing God and denying sin.


— Comments —-

James N. writes:

Boys need to be raised by men. What you see in the entirely matriarchal society of the ghetto is boys and teenagers, acting as they imagine men to be (hypersexual and hyperviolent), without ever once being slapped down by a real man. With automatic mother custody after divorce and in the elementary educational system controlled by female teachers, administrators, and therapists we are re-creating this dysfunctional model on a national scale.

In the fantasy world of feminism, now in control of childrearing AND education, the sisterhood is creating the “new man” – sensitive, caring, Prius-driving, etc. I saw a bumper sticker yesterday in the teachers’ parking lot at a local school – “Wag more, bark less” which summarizes this fantasy perfectly.

Except, when Adam Lanza shows up, what if there’s no one who knows how to bark?

 Laura writes:

Fatherless boys end up, as you put it, “acting as they imagine men to be (hypersexual and hyperviolent)…”

What a great point.

Exaggerated masculinity — which includes anti-social aggression  — is the necessary correlate of feminization.

Hannon writes:

Feminism encourages violence by medicating behavior that it views as outside resolution by the family.

The issue of SSRIs and homicide/suicide, based on a recent comment at VFR, got me snooping around the ‘net. I did not find much but these links, here and here, may be helpful.

Being subject in the formative stages to the feminist era myself, I distinctly remember an episode in about  fourth grade (early 1970s) that bothered me then and bothers me now. After a minor scuffle with another student our woman teacher dismissed our differences by insisting that “It doesn’t matter who started the fight.” Isn’t that classic feminism? Establish the illusion of peace at any cost and never mind what is right over wrong if it brings discomfort. That is a masterful recipe for instilling frustration and destroying faith in authority. Perhaps you can distill this into a principle of feminism.

 Laura writes:

Yes, absolutely. The rise of feminism parallels the rise in psychiatric medications administered to children. And the loss of authority does too.

James P. writes:

Your post refutes the idiotic feminist contention — which equally idiotic conservatives like Jonah Goldberg endorse — that “women civilize men.” If that were true, then the most civilized and non-violent society would be the black ghetto, and boys raised by single mothers would turn into the most civilized, least troubled, and least violent of men.

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