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All I Want for Christmas Is a Family

December 27, 2012


THE MOST popular item on the Christmas wish lists of British children included in a recent survey was a sibling, according to The Telegraph. The tenth most popular request was for a father.

No doubt many children were disappointed when they found iPhones under the tree instead. The illegitimacy rate is about 50 percent in Britain and the average age of new mothers is 30. Asking for a normal family is sort of like asking for the moon, which was also included on some Christmas wish lists.

Santa Claus should get out of the toy and electronics business and start delivering brothers and sisters instead.

—- Comments —-

Terry Morris writes:

Interesting. Perhaps more interesting would be to learn how many British children of those who lack both a sibling and a father chose a sibling over a father, and vice-versa – what the ratio was, in other words. But I may be letting my cynicism get to me a bit on that question.

L.R. writes:

How many UNFORTUNATE children that were “adopted” by homosexual couples are wishing right now for an opposite sex parent, since at school and in their neighborhoods they are surrounded by schoolmates and friends who have both normal parents? Even one of the many “adopted” children of the GLBT celebrity Rosie O’Donnell told her once that he wanted to have a daddy and she responded to him that, no, she only likes mommies or something like that.

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