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An Overlooked Form of Charity

December 11, 2012


MARK MONCRIEFF, from Australia, sends a donation and this note:

I read an article recently in which the author saw a handicapped man and his care-taker on the street and was so overwhelmed with emotion it made him cry. Later on he thought what a hypocrite he was as he had never donated to a charity for the disabled before and didn’t that day either. Today I went to VDARE and to View from the Right, both of which are fundraising, and I thought I’m that hypocrite. I read these sites but have never donated. Then I remembered that about a month ago you were fundraising and I thought I cannot forget one of my favourite sites. So today I sent off donations to all three sites. I had hoped to be more generous but unfortunately I knew I had a limit and thought a big donation is better than a small donation, a small donation is better than no donation and no donation is no donation at all. As I could afford a small donation I sent that off.

Keep up the good work and fighting the good fight!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, your family and your readers.

Laura writes:

Thank you for your support. And a Merry Christmas to you.

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