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Delayed Parenting Is Not So Wonderful After All

December 14, 2012



I pass along to you an article in The New Republic by Judith Shulevitz, “How Older Parenthood Will Upend American Society.” I was struck in particular by this passage, a quote from a female researcher who has been documenting the deleterious effects of fathering babies later in life:

“I often hear from teachers that the children of much older fathers seem more likely to have learning or social issues,” she told me. Now, she said, she’d proved that they can be. Showing that aging men have as much to worry about as aging women, she told me, is a blow for equality between the sexes. [emphasis mine]

I also found it telling that the author, after listing all the unwelcome results of women delaying motherhood into their thirties and forties, concludes her article by suggesting that the solution is more government: “subsidized child care, generous parental leaves, and laws that guarantee parents’ jobs when they go back to work.”

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