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Exposing Children to Reality

December 16, 2012


IN THIS entry, a reader says that lockdown drills in schools, in which teachers and students rehearse a massacre scenario, may not be harmful for children because they prepare them to face reality. I respond to his points.


—– Comments —-

Jane writes:

I strongly agree with you that a few staff members be armed and that the drills are robbing children of their innocence. As a substitute teacher I’ve participated in a few “Shooter in the Building” drills.

Today’s news coverage of the event seems to be repeating the statements of a person by the name of Don Holmes. Holmes is quoted as saying, “She told me she’d go target shooting with her boys pretty often.” What’s not being reported is a statement by an ATF agent. ATF Special Assistant Agent Gene Marques said his agency “has not been able to uncover any evidence that the mother and the son were actively engaged in going to the gun ranges, or anything of that nature.” Don Holmes, by the looks of his business profile, is a radical enviromental “greenie.” Could he be a phoney witness? It’s reported that Adam left no indication of any shooting skills.

To me, the question is, what psychotropic drugs was Lanza taking?

Every mass murderer, starting with the 1966 Austin rampage to the Aurora massacre, has been on prescription mind altering drugs. The VA Tech shooter, Cho, also took acne medication, known to have similar side affects to that of psychotropics. What I find interesting, second to how Cho’s school medical records went missing for a few years, is that the school never alerted his parents when he was hospitalized or when his bad behavior was bring reported. What about the Dec. 2011 shooting (two dead) at VA Tech? The killings came the same day campus officials were in Washington, D.C. fighting a $55,000 fine for mishandling campus alerts during the 2007 shooting.

All these mass murderers have been treated by the American Psychiatric Association. How come guns are being blamed but not a word about the prescription meds?

A Forbes writer has written an article calling for a media black-out on incidents like this to prevent copycats from acting. I agree the media should tone it down, but not to report the identity of the killer? This tells me there is a concerted effort to hide the identities, along with their histories, of future perpetrators. Why? Is it to prevent us from connecting the dots? The dots that tell us it’s the meds, not the guns.

A reader writes:

I would highly recommend that people speak to their children about this and give them guidance somewhat contrary to the school advice on dealing with an active shooter.

Nearly every shooter dies in the building they enter and are most effective at taking lives while they are in that building. So it stands to reason that the best way to avoid being killed by the shooter is to leave the building. Tell your child that if the room they are in has windows (even the second floor), that they should jump out and run to the main road. The “Hide’N Die” strategy is just that, to ensure that students can be easily accounted for.

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