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How Could It Have Happened?

December 15, 2012


AT VFR, Ed H. writes, regarding the massacre at a school  in Connecticut:

As they track down the story of Adam Lanza, and all standard parts fall into place — the weak absent father, the dingbat single mother, the liberal, well-meaning psychologist who was “working” with Adam, the shallow friends who found him “edgy” and “different,” Adam’s cultural life which consisted of an addiction to violent imagery, music, and movies supplied by the same media-political complex that is now feigning “grief” — as all of America is brought before the microphones blinking, crying, totally uncomprehending, we will notice one repeated phrase, a phrase so universal, so emblematic of Liberal America and its mounting catastrophes that I am proposing it become the new national motto, or rather the epitaph to be engraved on the tombstone of the Republic:


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Jeanette V. writes:

It seem that Newton Ct, was home to Fairfield State Hospital, which closed in 1995.

And just as I figuredAdam’s “friends” were not surprised that he was the gunman.  Fifty years ago society would have been protected from someone such as him as he would be living at a state institution.  That is because 50 years ago we as a society could tell that someone “not normal.” Today the “not normal” drift into destructive social organizations such as the goths,  which celebrates death and dying in a most vulgar manner.
“Olivia DeVivo, a student at the University of Connecticut who went to high school with Lanza, said that when it emerged that he was suspected of gunning down 20 small children – none of her classmates were surprised. 
‘They said he always seemed like he was someone who was capable of that because he just didn’t really connect with our high school, and didn’t really connect with our town,’ she told the New York Times.”

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