The Thinking 

Life with a Dog

December 1, 2012


JANE R. writes:

I just finished listening to This American Life with Ira Glass on public radio. I want to steal a minute and tell you about the episode. Ira Glass was being interviewed on his own show. I missed the introduction to the show and assumed they were talking about a child with physical and emotional troubles. Turns out they were talking about his and his wife’s dog! Yes, the iconic Ira Glass (born 1959), the master of political correctness, has no children and has devoted his life towards caring for an emotionally disturbed dog with serious allergies. Liberalism at its finest. A whole branch of the Glass family tree ends with a dog.

Ira Glass admits he would think of someone doing what he is doing as nuts. What really struck me during the interview was how innately strong the need to nurture, sacrifice and be devoted really is. Love him or hate him, Ira Glass is intelligent and compassionate. What a crying shame that a dog benefits from all that he has to offer.

The interview ended with him jokingly responding, “Oh no, no, I am in control.” I got a kick out of that. Mister politically correct, liberated man admitting he’s “in control.”

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