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SPLC’s Hate Lists

December 13, 2012


I DID not realize until today that the militantly anti-white Southern Poverty Law Center, which lists websites such as View from the Right and Vdare as “hate groups,” also defines traditionalist Catholics devoted to the Tridentine liturgy as extremist haters. That’s interesting. It seems wherever there is life, the SPLC is there to smear it.

As posted at The Remnant, here is Conservapedia’s informative entry on the SPLC, with descriptions of its extensive activities and finances. The organization now has over $200 million in assets.

—- Comments —-

Doug H. writes:

What makes this especially bad is that our government uses the SPLC as a legitimate purveyor of accurate data with no hidden political agenda. I have encountered many wi-fi hotspots that use the SPLC data as a source for sites deemed offensive thus blocking access to those sites.

 Richard Keefe writes:

An excellent evaluation at Conservapedia of America’s most profitable “non-profit.” Most people believe the SPLC’s press releases because no one in the media will examine their claims.

There is no legal definition for “hate group,’ which is why even the FBI does not, cannot, designate “hate groups,” but the SPLC’s Public Relations guru Mark Potok swears he’s designated 1,018 of them. According to Potok, “A hate group has nothing to do with criminality, violence, or even the potential for violence: It’s all about ideology.”

No crime. No violence. Just wrong thinking.

And it turns out that Mr. Potok cannot locate 247 of his “hate groups” on any map, including his own Hate Map fundraising tool. That’s 25% right off the top. Potok’s Hate Map is the keystone of all SPLC fundraising and is quoted verbatim throughout the media.

In many states, the number of homeless “hate groups” reaches 60-, 80- and even a ridiculous 100% of the total. Normally, such bogus claims would undermine the credibility of an organization, but as Mr. Potok knows, no one in the media or government will ever vet his claims, so it makes little difference what numbers he pulls out of his imagination (as long as the numbers always go up, never down.)

A prime example is the state of Georgia. This past March, Mr. Potok added 20 chapters of something he called “the Georgia Militia” to that state’s “hate map.” Amazingly, Mr. Potok could not seem to locate 18 of those chapters on the map. No problem. Mr. Potok simply added 18 empty slots marked “Georgia Militia” to the list.

You can see it here.

THIS is hard data? I’ve uncovered reams of information like this over the past few years and almost all of it can be found right on the SPLC’s own web site. If you’d like to review it for yourself you can find it at my Watching the Watchdogs blog.

Thanks for turning the spotlight on the master fundraisers at the SPLC.

Bruce B. writes:

You probably know this but VDARE refers to them as the $LPC.

Natassia writes:

I wonder if the Norton software company uses SPLC’s list. I tried to access Lawrence Auster’s website via the free wi-fi at the local Chick-Fil-A in Manassas, Virginia, and this is what I got:

John writes:

Says Potok: “Hate groups have nothing to do with criminality.” As usual this reptile speaks with a forked tongue. The fact of the matter is that the $PLC sends its “hate group” propaganda to police agencies all across the country. The clear intention is to incriminate these groups with law enforcement.

A personal project I have is sending selected law officers copies of the Social Contract’s Spring 2010 issue, which thoroughly exposes the $PLC an unreliable source of information. I highly recommend that readers of this site do likewise. You can order copies of that issue from the Social Contract by calling (231) 347-1171.

Mr. Keefe respond:

I was very intrigued by Natassia’s experience with the Norton filter and have written them to ask what the parameters are for becoming a “known hate site” and if they could provide a list of same. I won’t hold my breath for an answer, but it never hurts to ask.

I also agree entirely with John that the Social Contract’s SPLC exposé is one of the best sources around. Some of the numbers were a little dated at the time of publication, though, and the SPLC has added tens of millions of dollars to its coffers since, but you’d be hard pressed to find a better collection of articles on the subject in one place.

The SPLC usually releases its financials and its annual “Hate Map” fundraising tool in March of each year, and both are goldmines of information on how to run a highly profitable front group.

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