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The Great Catastrophe in France

December 11, 2012


Muslims at prayer in Paris

TIBERGE at Galliawatch provides a translation of an article on mass immigration in France. From the piece:

Many Frenchmen of European origin feel like foreigners in their own country. In certain neighborhoods, they become an oppressed minority. Foreign customs – the Islamic veil, boubous, djellabas – are forced on them in public areas. Muslim food regulations are implanted in slaughterhouses and are forced on them in the food they eat. Urban landscapes are transformed by monumental mosques, the expression of a symbolic conquest of French territory. School curricula and their implementation are “adapted” to the demands of minorities from other lands. Republican principles (laïcité, merit, equal rights) are trampled on. France becomes multicultural, and as a result experiences multiple conflicts.

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Kevin M. writes:

The media in Europe is even more liberal than our own, and so unless they can put a negative spin on matters, the undercurrents of right wing society go unspoken. Not long ago, but before the Breivik incident, some people in Europe were positing that if the rape of Christian girls by Muslim youths continues and the Islamification of Europe goes unabated, a presently silent group of European traditionalists could rise up quite suddenly and within months there woud be hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees heading for the shores of the U.S.

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