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Two Mothers Too Many

December 29, 2012


SPEAKING of the commodification of children and the suicidally low birthrate of white Americans, this New York Times article about a lesbian’s efforts to procure a child is a revealing glimpse into the sentimental narcissism behind these phenomena.

Among the details: the child’s young, unwed mother chooses two lesbians to adopt her child because she wants to help homosexuals overcome exclusion; she is moved out of the birthing suite so that the two lesbian “mothers” can bond with the newborn alone; both the adoptive parents plan to take maternity leave and their families share in their project. So an adoption agency, a hospital, employers and grandparents all take part in the shocking pretense of lesbian “motherhood.” There’s also a strange and creepy romantic flavor to the relationship between the lesbians and the birth mother. It’s as if they seduce her into giving them — or selling them — her child.

In Washington state, where the adoption occurs, the birth mother has no legal right to her child forty-eight hours after she has signed the papers. Someday if this woman wakes up and has second thoughts about her daughter being raised by lesbians, there will be nothing she can do.

It’s like a scene out of Charles Eric Mane’s lesbian dystopia, World Without Men. Somewhere along the line there had to be a man involved, but he was just a purveyor of genetic material in the end.


— Comments —-

Madame Scherzo writes:

The story of the two lesbians adopting a woman’s child is sickening. I have lived around enough lesbian couples in my life to know that almost every single ‘couple’ – and I would say about five couples since my youth, are dysfunctional and violent. I have seen women beating each other up, and what they do to the children in their care is an abomination. I can’t think of a  happy lesbian couple. I can’t think of a single happy family not marred by hatred and physical violence.

When I was a teenager my best friend was violently angry at me for not wanting to be a lesbian. That was my first experience. Moving out on my own, I rejected several advances from different women who wanted a relationship, and they were angry to the point of being violent that I wouldn’t even entertain a lesbian relationship.

For awhile I thought there must be something wrong with me, since I was not married, not interested at the time in marrying – having come from an abusive home myself. I was only 19 at the time. I did meet and marry at 21. I am still married to the same man. I consider myself lucky for 30 years of marriage where my parents and his parents failed.

I went to Amazon and it has Charles Eric Maine’s book World Without Men for sale. It was republished in 2012. I guess a number of people saw it as prescient as he did.

Keep writing the truth. It’s encouraging to  know that we are not alone in thinking the fairer sex is on the whole becoming more and more insane. I would go so far as to revoke the right of women to vote, since they clearly don’t have anyone’s –  not even their own best interests in mind. Alas, I don’t run the planet.

I have produced four daughters. I hope it helps with the repopulation. One is married with a boy, and the others are not yet old enough. One complaint I’m hearing is that there are no real ‘men’ out there.

I’m inclined to agree. Sadly. We have an emasculated culture where there are fewer and fewer men as it is. Even when there are men, they are more like whiny young teenage girls.

Truly sad.

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