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Violence that Outrages Few

December 31, 2012


DANIEL S. writes:

While Barack Obama, Dianne Feinstein, and the rest of the liberal establishment continue to manipulate the mass murder of school children to push through their totalitarian “gun control” agenda, Muslims that the Obama administration sponsored in Libya and Syria continue their own campaign against the remaining pockets of Middle Eastern Christianity.

Muslim militants in Syria kidnapped and murdered a young Syrian Christian man named Andrei Arbashe, then they dismembered his body and fed it to wild dogs. The only crime that Mr. Arbashe committed was, according to journalist Daniel McAdams, in “being a Christian whose brother was overheard complaining of the brutality of the rebels.”

Meanwhile, in Libya, where the U.S. helped overthrow (and murder) a reformed dictator who was an enemy to al-Qaeda, a Coptic Christian church was bombed, murdering two of the congregates.

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Carolyn writes:

I sometimes feel I am living in a world of people with blinders on — or of people who have an inability to see anything that is not directly in front of their eyes. If someone were raping and murdering their child in front of them they would turn into wild animals trying to stop it. If it happens in another town, or in another country far away, it is not even given a second thought. The idea that evil can spread and end up in their living room is a foreign notion. We should be outraged about these acts wherever they happen.

Daniel S. writes:

Just to be clear, my point is not that there are horrible things going on in some distant place and thus we need to have some humanitarian crusade and intervene. Indeed, that is the last thing I would suggest. Rather, I was trying to point out that the American government is complicit in the extermination of the Christians of Middle East, though granted not deliberately so. But the fact is that the U.S. directly sponsors these Muslim militant groups in Syria, Libya, Kosovo, and elsewhere that are murdering and terrorizing Christians. The U.S. has also deliberately undermined secular regimes that had protected Christians, and instead unleashed the Islamic whirlwind upon the region, all in the name of the false idols of democracy and human rights.

Terry Morris writes:

I would ask Carolyn, respectfully, what she thinks ought to be done, by the U.S., to stop this? As far as our ‘turning into animals’ to protect our children goes, I think Carolyn may well be missing an important feature of Western liberalism; a feature recently discussed at VFR.

Laura writes:

As Daniel S. points out, the issue is the American government’s complicity, not what it should do to prevent this violence.

Kathlene M. writes:

I thought Daniel’s comment was insightful; however, it was sadly undermined by his link to Alex Jones’ Infowars website. Alex Jones is an extremely paranoid libertarian who is also a 9/11 Truther.

Here’s how one commenter at VFR (“Joseph H”) summarized Alex Jones recently, and I would agree with this characterization.

Carolyn writes:

I am not speaking of being protective of the world, except in our minds as we support awareness of certain actions our government takes.

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