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What One Reader Learned about Antidepressants

December 20, 2012


IN THE ongoing discussion of antidepressants and violence, Zippy Catholic, who has also commented on the issue here, writes:

As for myself, although I’ve never been on psychotropic drugs, I’ve personally seen people who were not violent or suicidal become violent and suicidal on SSRI’s, and then lose those characteristics when carefully weaned off of them. Furthermore, I’ve seen cases of ‘tolerance withdrawal’ from prescribed psychotropic drugs up close and personal. So I know as a matter of absolute fact that there exist people who believe that their lives have been improved by the drugs but in fact are walking time bombs. And that just scratches the surface of my own involuntary knowledge of the subject. It is the last thing I am interested in by my own nature, but it only took one fatality to get me involved as a matter of personal responsibilities.

So I don’t need [Petere] Breggin or [David] Healy or anyone else to tell me that it happens. They just helped explain what I saw with my own lying eyes.

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