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What Women Never Hear

December 10, 2012



This post at What Women Never Hear is spot on, especially these first few paragraphs:

[Men and women] differ in so many ways. Women seek emotional fulfillment and they go after it. Men expect sexual fulfillment but they also expect not to have to work hard for it. They will work hard to conquer a woman but not work hard for sex with her afterward.

Emotional fulfillment builds and accumulates as a female associates and loves other people. Her self-centeredness easily yields to other-centeredness. Others return her respect and love. The complexities of living provide pleasure, unless she detects a lack of emotional fidelity in her boyfriend, lover, or husband, but those are other stories (#1352 for boyfriends and #1356 for husbands).

However, career dedication, self-actualization, and masculine-like behavior flood the psyche of modern females. They pursue numerous non-feminine objectives that provide only temporary if any emotional fulfillment. They focus on the present instead of building an emotionally fulfilled future. They bypass marriage, avoid or delay children, and defer living up to someone other than Self. Also and especially relevant here, they overlook, begrudge, or otherwise don’t provide sexual fulfillment to the men in their lives.

They don’t get what they want out of life, because they don’t pursue what produces it. Much as men do, they pursue present-day cognitive satisfaction rather than future-enhancing emotional fulfillment. They don’t like or trust their own female selves, and so they look to others for inspiration, guidance, or example. Consequently, they learn to fish in poisonous waters for emotional fulfillment that never comes. Waters such as these extreme examples: celebrity worship, immoral behavior, anti-religious beliefs, and duplicating the sex and food appetites of men. [cont.]

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