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Monthly Archives: January 2013

How Corporations Pressured the Boy Scouts

  IF YOU’RE wondering why the Boy Scouts of America may soon lift its historic ban on homosexual scout leaders, look no further than the pressure the organization has received from major corporations. That’s America, a country where big-name companies insist that little boys be exposed to sexual perversion. Goodbye, Boy Scouts. You are about to […]

On Men Who Prefer Machines

  IZZY writes: My previous post here on the men’s rights movement has made the rounds on other blogs, and has sparked a debate on the issue of sex robots. Reading the comments, it seems that the young men would be ever so content with being with a non-human object, rather than a real woman.

Bowing to the Imperial Wig

  DIANA writes: Reading the pervasive, fawning praise of Michelle Obama’s new bangs is no different from reading propaganda in Pravda, back in the unlamented days of the U.S.S.R. (Only the designer Karl Lagerfeld has had the guts to say her hairstyle is ugly. He said Michelle looks like a French news anchor.) Michelle’s hairdo […]

The Men Who Fought Against Women

  ALAN writes: Thank you so much for your excellent comments on the unbelievably ridiculous women-as-soldiers idea.  Here are a few additional thoughts: Has any nation in history been stupid enough to permit their women to fight wars or defend their nation – and survived to tell about it?

Remember Constantinople

  DANIEL S. writes: James Kirkpatrick at Alternative Right has an important reflection on a recent, artificial grievance instigated by a Turkish Muslim group concerning a Star Wars lego set that they claimed was racist because it supposedly imitated the Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul. As Kirkpatrick reminds us, the “mosque” in question used to be one of […]

The Feminist War Against the Military

  ANYONE who believes that the lifting of the ban on women in combat will eliminate or even diminish feminist resentment toward the Armed Forces is ignorant of the simplest premises of modern feminism. The decision to lift the ban will enhance, not lessen, feminist grievance — and for very good reasons. Obviously the ban […]

How Can the Military be Saved Without Heroes?

  DOUGLAS writes: You hit on something larger in your comment that the military seems to be devoid of martyrs. From what I observe daily it seems our whole society is devoid of martyrs except for lone voices on the web. I remember during my military career reading the story of Col. Billy Mitchell and […]

The Comedy of Resentment

  THOMAS F. BERTONNEAU writes: Sage McLaughlin’s remarks on comedy are pertinent.  I might add an observation or two.  One way of explaining why comedy hasn’t been funny since, let’s say, Lenny Bruce is that at about the heyday of Lenny Bruce comedy began to be politicized, just like everything else.  It’s a short step […]

Women Will Make “Phenomenal” Navy SEALS

  DIANA writes: William McRaven, the head of Special Ops, says that women can make great Navy SEALS. I “googled” McRaven, and found that he is struggling with budget cuts. So let’s assume the powers that be are telling him: toe the line or your forces get chopped. Or YOU get chopped.  I don’t care. It’s […]

The Power of Comedians

  IN THIS previous entry, Sage McLaughlin analyses the subversive influence of all those funny, clever, sarcastic people on television. “Sometimes humor can be crafted in the service of objective truths…,” he writes.  ”Just as often it is made in the service of lies.”

A Case of Pizza Resistance

  MARY BURR writes: I thought of you this evening as I watched this May 1965 episode of “Bewtiched.”  Samantha uses her magical powers to create an ad campaign for struggling a Italian restaurant owner named Mario. His business is failing because everyone wants pizza and Mario comes from a long line of culinary artisans […]

Memories of Aunt Veronica

  JAMES H. writes: I’ve been meaning to write in response to the post about St. Elizabeth’s Academy which will be closing here in St. Louis.  My great aunt taught there her entire life. She was born in Centralia Illinois at the turn of the century.  She and my grandmother worked in their father’s drug […]

Phony Grievances Here, Persecution in Egypt

  DANIEL S. writes: While American liberals celebrate the lifting of a ban of women serving in combat roles in the U.S. military, as well as news that the Boy Scouts of America are considering lifting their ban of homosexuals among its membership and troop leadership, and that there is a bipartisan consensus in the […]

Uncommon Common Sense

  SEE the outstanding comments that have been added to this entry on efforts by Poland and Russia to ban public promotion of homosexuality and to this discussion of the despicable decision by the Pentagon to allow women in combat. In the entry on public homosexuality, Proph responds to a reader’s claim that bans on […]

Sweeping Amnesty for Immigrants

  THE comprehensive immigration reform bill introduced by Republicans and Democrats in the Senate yesterday would immediately legalize most illegal aliens. See this summary at NumbersUSA. Ann Manetas writes: It’s hard to imagine a more wide-sweeping amnesty than the proposal the Gang of Eight [senators] has outlined. AgJOBS and the DREAM Act would be effective immediately. […]