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Daily Archives: January 4th, 2013

The Beauty of Burial

  COMMENTS have been added to the discussion on cremation. One reader says that my remarks against cremation show extreme insensitivity to those in grief. Also in that thread, Hannon writes: The idea of returning to the earth, of the body having a resting place, seems very natural to me. Burning a body outside of […]

VAWA Not Reauthorized

  THE feminist domestic violence industry is now officially in jeopardy after the House failed to renew the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) at year’s end. This leaves a bill which is responsible for serious civil rights abuses hanging for the first time since it was adopted in 1994. The Senate last year authorized an expanded […]

More on the Takeover of American Education

  ALAN writes: “The only disadvantage of an honest heart is credulity,” wrote the British poet and statesman Sir Philip Sidney more than 400 years ago.  Many American parents and teachers are honest and decent.  But they are also credulous vis-à-vis authoritative-sounding assertions by education “experts,” “professionals,” textbook publishers, or the NEA.  If they hadn’t been […]