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Why Do Liberals Oppose Self Defense?

January 7, 2013


IN A 2008 discussion at VFR, the commenter Thucydides wrote:

Why is the idea of armed self defense so repugnant to liberals? It crosses their core assumptions in several ways.

First, the need for it suggests that human evil is a normal, expectable state of affairs, not something aberrant that is produced by some imperfection in collective social arrangements. The core liberal assumption is the sentimental faith that humans are essentially good and reasonable; violence is explained away as the regrettable result of anger proceeding from some form of injustice, real or imagined. The problem then is not the violence, and not human nature, but some social condition. (Small comfort to the victims!) Read More »


Arming Teachers

January 7, 2013


FIVE  years ago, at VFR, I proposed a plan for preventing school massacres. I called it “Three Teachers, Three Guns,” and suggested arming a minimum of three teachers in every school building (more in sprawling buildings). A sign could be placed on a school identifying its participation.

Today, despite all the talk of draconian gun control, something like this plan is actually being envisioned in some states. A Tennessee lawmaker is the latest to propose a bill for arming and training a small number of teachers. Legislators in a few other states– Oklahoma, Missouri, Minnesota, South Dakota and Oregon —  have discussed laws permitting teachers to carry concealed weapons in recent weeks. Read More »


The Mohammedan Jihad Against Christmas

January 7, 2013


DANIEL S. writes:

Here is how the Muslim world celebrated Christmas:

In Pakistan, a Muslim mob armed with weapons attacked Christian worshipers in the capital city leaving Christmas services. In Egypt, the army foiled a plot for a Christmas day attack on a Coptic church. A similar plot by Chechen Muslim terrorists directed against Christmas services was disrupted in southern Russia by security forces.

To top it off, Muslim terrorists in Mosul, Iraq slit the throat of a female Christian teacher.


Dutchtown, Today and Yesterday

January 7, 2013


ALAN writes:

I have written previously about what “diversity” mongers have done to the once-peaceful “Dutchtown” neighborhood in south St. Louis. Here is their latest achievement:

To get the New Year off to a gala start, a Negro male, 33, shot and killed one man and injured another when they tried to stop his girlfriend from stealing a package of Chips Ahoy cookies in Sam’s Beauty Queen shop on the main street in Dutchtown on the night of Jan. 3. Read More »


On De-Commercializing Death

January 7, 2013



I am encouraged by some of the comments, here and here, regarding cremation, funerals, and burial. I say “encouraged” because my heart rejoices at any glimmer of people weaning themselves from the control and ordinances of illegitimate authority. I believe the funeral industry is such an authority.

Some years ago, I read several books on death, dying, and funerals, including Lisa Carlson’s excellent “Caring for the Dead: Your Final Act of Love.” I used this book as a jumping-off point for a Sunday School class on “A Christian View of Death, Dying, and Funeral Preparation.”

Read More »

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