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Daily Archives: January 7th, 2013

Why Do Liberals Oppose Self Defense?

  IN A 2008 discussion at VFR, the commenter Thucydides wrote: Why is the idea of armed self defense so repugnant to liberals? It crosses their core assumptions in several ways. First, the need for it suggests that human evil is a normal, expectable state of affairs, not something aberrant that is produced by some […]

Arming Teachers

  FIVE  years ago, at VFR, I proposed a plan for preventing school massacres. I called it “Three Teachers, Three Guns,” and suggested arming a minimum of three teachers in every school building (more in sprawling buildings). A sign could be placed on a school identifying its participation. Today, despite all the talk of draconian […]

The Mohammedan Jihad Against Christmas

  DANIEL S. writes: Here is how the Muslim world celebrated Christmas: In Pakistan, a Muslim mob armed with weapons attacked Christian worshipers in the capital city leaving Christmas services. In Egypt, the army foiled a plot for a Christmas day attack on a Coptic church. A similar plot by Chechen Muslim terrorists directed against Christmas services was […]

Dutchtown, Today and Yesterday

  ALAN writes: I have written previously about what “diversity” mongers have done to the once-peaceful “Dutchtown” neighborhood in south St. Louis. Here is their latest achievement: To get the New Year off to a gala start, a Negro male, 33, shot and killed one man and injured another when they tried to stop his […]

On De-Commercializing Death

  WHEELER MACPHERSON writes: I am encouraged by some of the comments, here and here, regarding cremation, funerals, and burial. I say “encouraged” because my heart rejoices at any glimmer of people weaning themselves from the control and ordinances of illegitimate authority. I believe the funeral industry is such an authority. Some years ago, I […]