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Prayers for Lawrence Auster

January 8, 2013


AT The Orthosphere, Kristor is organizing a prayer vigil to take place next Sunday, January 13th, on behalf of the writer Lawrence Auster, who has advanced pancreatic cancer. The vigil does not require that you go anywhere or do anything other than offer prayers from your home or wherever you happen to be. While individual prayer is always good and always beneficial, collective prayer, which is easy to organize in the age of the Internet, is even better. Kristor writes:

Massed intercessory prayer has been the occasion of some truly remarkable events – not all of them physiological, by any means (and, for that matter, not all in the intended beneficiary of the prayer). Some background information may be found here.

I hope you will join with me in praying for Mr. Auster, who has done so much to defend and clarify the traditionalist worldview.

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The Traditionalism of René Guenon

January 8, 2013


THE latest issue of Praesidium features an essay by Thomas F. Bertonneau on René Guenon, the French reactionary who died in 1951. Mr. Bertonneau’s article provides an excellent overview of the writings of a man who attacked “the stultifying massiveness of modern society, with its conformism on an unprecedented scale.” In the Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times, Guenon saw the glorification of quantity over quality as fundamental to the modern obsession with equality. Mr. Bertonneau writes:

The “Reign of Quantity” requires that its constituency live unconnected with any past in a kind of perpetual present, on the multiplying distractions of which the untutored mind remains stupidly fixed.  Guénon remarks how industry fills life with things, objects and devices, which monopolize attention, and which assimilate individuals to the pattern of the consumer.  In our own time the variety and fascination – and the idiocy – of these things have only increased.  Read More »

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