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The Manufactured Gun Crisis

January 9, 2013


JOE BIDEN said today that Obama is considering enacting new gun control measures by executive order. See The Weekly Standard. One man walks into an elementary school and commits a horrible and devastating massacre and the entire nation is under siege, so much under siege that the president must enact emergency measures, as if a foreign enemy had just landed on our shores. All this in a country where it is almost never reported when an armed citizen stops a gunman. Biden said, “It is critically important that we act.” Critically important? What is so critically important that normal legislative processes are expendable?

I have been inclined to dismiss the possibility of extreme new restrictions on guns, but now I believe they are likely. The Newtown massacre is a beautiful opportunity to divert the nation’s attention and display sham authority. Gun owners are the new scapegoats. As Matthew Bracken writes:

Scapegoating an unpopular group is standard operating procedure for budding socialist dictators wrecking once-free economies.

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Episcopalian Says Homosexual Weddings Are New Ideal

January 9, 2013


Gary Hall, another graduate of Yale Divinity School


Speaking of Episcopalians, the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. has decided to perform same-sex weddings. Those who say same-sex “marriage” will have no effect on traditional marriage should take note of what the Cathedral’s dean, Canon Gary Hall, had to say to the Washington Post:

The “heterosexual marriage [ritual] still has some vestiges of patriarchy, with woman being property. There’s hope in same-sex marriage that it is a teachable moment for heterosexual couples. The new rite is grounded in baptism and radical equality of all people before God,” said Hall, who has been blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples for decades. “I’d like to use it for heterosexual weddings because I think it’s so much better than our marriage services.”

English Seminary Refuses Traditional Mass

January 9, 2013


The Pope at Oscott (Photo: Mazur)


As a direct result of the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Church is in a shambles. It’s a walking self-wrecking machine, and one of the unintended – or was it? – consequences of that disaster is the continuing diminished power and prestige of the papacy.

The pope’s visit to St. Mary’s College, Oscott, once the premiere Catholic seminary in England, tells you all you need to know. Oscott has refused a request for the Latin Mass by seminarians, despite the pope’s 2007 apostolic letter, Summorum Pontificum, which requires that any faithful group’s request for the Extraordinary Form be accommodated.

The rot within the Church is profound; yet, it never fails to astound me just how deep it runs.

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French Rally Next Sunday

January 9, 2013


AT Galliawatch, Tiberge writes:

On Sunday January 13 all Frenchmen interested in stopping the bill on gay marriage from becoming law are mobilizing with determination and zeal for the march in Paris. They are coming from all over France, by bus, by train, by car. Some reports are predicting over half a million demonstrators. Read More »


One More Great Career for Women

January 9, 2013


DAVID C. writes:

A female correctional officer working in a maximum security state person that houses mentally ill sex offenders and murderers has filed a sexual harrassment suit because the inmates are allowed to watch sexually explicit movies, some of them graphic and violent, and because the prison’s administration did not, until recently, respond to her request that the inmates stop watching such films. Read More »

An Episcopalian Marriage

January 9, 2013


TWO EPISCOPAL ministers in Maryland “married” last week. They are interviewed here by an excited Fox News reporter who laments the fact that one of the women does not have the same immigration rights as a heterosexual spouse.

Sarah Lamming, who apparently has never read the New Testament despite her degree from Yale Divinity School (or perhaps because of her degree from Yale Divinity), says of her “marriage” to Dianna Carroll, “I acknowledge it is difficult for some people, but I am gay and I was created that way by God.” Translation: “God made me disdain men and prefer masturbation. God made me reject motherhood altogether.”

Now, if a hardened burglar came to Rev. Sarah or Rev. Dianna and said he liked being a burglar, what grounds does she have for objecting to his way of life? He could say, “I acknowledge my thefts are difficult for some people, but I am a thief and I was created that way by God.”

The argument that homosexuality is right whenever it feels natural presumes that whatever feels natural is right.

Notice how both priestesses seem to be on the verge of laughter as they are interviewed. They are pretend priests in a pretend marriage. They just went through a pretend wedding in a pretend church. Many people extended pretend congratulations and ate pretend wedding cake. That’s all funny in a way, so why wouldn’t they laugh? Besides, they look ridiculous in clerical collars and nail polish, and they must find that funny too. The expression on their faces is that of two girls playing dress up.
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