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Daily Archives: January 18th, 2013


Found in a Book

  ONE OF THE interesting things about used books – that is, books bought secondhand — is that they often bear traces of their former owners. On the negative side, there are the underlinings and notes on the pages themselves, sometimes revealing personal obsessions or preoccupations in the passages marked with exclamation points or double lines. […]

Beautiful Gowns, Ugly Movies

  AT Camera Lucida, Kidist Paulos Asrat writes about the Golden Globe Awards: None of the films sounded attractive, imaginative, interesting, beautiful, thought provoking, educational, or any of the normal reasons one goes to the movies. Instead, they sounded like horror movies with grotesque story lines, or with over-the-top sexually active characters, or just plain […]


“Consensual” Parenting: The Latest in Child Abuse

  JAMES P. writes: The simpering lack of manliness described by Wheeler MacPherson in your recent entry is, in my opinion, the product of the leftist dogma that equality is good, and that hierarchy and authority are bad. When applied to the family, this means leftists do not believe that parents should exert authority over their […]

“My Dream College Won’t Accept Me”

  A WOMAN named Elif Koch writes in The Atlantic of being denied admission to Deep Springs, a liberal arts college located on a cattle ranch and alfalfa farm in the desert of California. Miss Koch, who believes the world is interested in this utterly trivial infringement of her personal desires and is wholly oblivious to […]

St. Louis Institution Folds

   ALAN writes: The second-oldest Catholic high school in St. Louis announced last week that it will close this year because of operating expenses and declining enrollment.  St. Elizabeth Academy for girls opened in 1882.  Today it has only 133 pupils. There are still many decent people and beautiful old houses in the neighborhood around […]

On Manly Honor

  DANIEL S. writes: Brett McKay of The Art of Manliness website has written several worthwhile columns exploring the history of the idea and importance of manly honor, a concept much lacking among the majorty of postmodern males in the West. He starts: Across cultures and time, honor and manliness have been inextricably tied together. […]