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Daily Archives: January 20th, 2013

Suffering and Purity of Heart

  DANIEL S. writes: I was today reading Fr. Seraphim Rose’s wonderful book God’s Revelation to the Human Heart and came across a few passages that I thought I should share. In the chapter on suffering Fr. Seraphim speaks about the Russian author and then anti-Soviet dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn and how his suffering in the […]


A New Traditionalist Term

  TERRY MORRIS writes: So-called “consensual parenting” would be more accurately termed “abdication parenting.” I assume that is the point, at bottom, for parent figures who adopt this (non)parenting model. As with most other liberal/progressive ideas, abdication parenting is self-centeredness taken to its extreme. No authority equals no responsibility, and vice versa.

One More Non-Reason to Abolish the Second Amendment

  DANIEL S. writes: The New York Times published an opinion piece on Friday by a certain Wendy Button, a single, middle-aged woman and Democratic operative (i.e. the model feminist). Button was the victim of a home break-in at one point and said she considered buying a gun to defend herself in the aftermath. She reconsidered after […]

Australian Gun Control Led to More Crime

  LYDIA SHERMAN writes: I think your readers would be interested in this video. It is full of personal testimonies about the results of gun control in Australia, which instituted a ban in1997 which required all ciitizens to turn in semi-automatic and assault weapons. The law also requires that homeowners keep their guns locked up […]