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Hollande Dismisses Protest

January 22, 2013


TIBERGE at Galliawatch reports on François Hollande’s reaction to the huge rally ten days ago against marriage rights for homosexuals. According to Le Figaro:

[O]n substance, the president will not give in at all. No chance that he will erase the word marriage from the law and replace it with civil union, as the representatives for the Manif pour Tous are demanding. Nor does he have the slightest intention to hold a referendum demanded by the Right. “He will reaffirm his determination to pass the law. The principle will not change,” insists a spokesman for Elysée.


Still in Chains

January 22, 2013


HOW LONG did it take Obama to mention slavery in his inaugural address? He restrained himself. He waited until the fifth paragraph. How long did it take him to mention the greedy rich? Twelfth paragraph. And the mothers, daughters and wives in chains because they do not make as much money as men? That was way down there: nineteenth. As were our enlightened forebears at Stonewall.

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A Lawyer Says Goodbye

January 22, 2013


LISA BELKIN in her Huffington Post column in November wrote about a woman lawyer at a Washington, D.C. firm who left her job because of the demands of motherhood. She departed the firm with the folowing note to her coworkers:

“I…have chosen to leave private practice, and the practice of law (at least for now),” she concludes. “I truly admire all of you that have been able to juggle your career and family and do not envy what a challenge it is trying to do each well.”

To Belkin, this was another instance of how the workplace is unfair to women and has not been magically altered to accommodate parenthood. No matter how much evidence there is that the workplace will never, ever accommodate motherhood, the laws of physics preventing anyone from being in two places at once, the dream will never die in the mind of an ideologue like Belkin.

The blogger, The Elusive Wapiti, writes about the Belkin column:

For my female readers out there, would any of you be able to tell me what the positive cost-benefit calculation is for this? Why would you have kids only to pawn them off on a min-wage, doesn’t-care-about-them-as-much-as-you-do, probably-doesn’t-share-your-values caregiver from 9 AM – 6 PM (after a 1 hr commute each way), go through the pain of daily chore negotiation (a weakness of equalitarian marriages that reject gendered marital behaviors), and generally run yourself ragged? Read More »

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