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Daily Archives: January 27th, 2013

Poland and Russia Resist Homosexualization

  DANIEL S. writes: In Poland the legislative body voted down draft legislation that would allow for the legal recognition of homosexual civil unions. This means of course that Poland will come under even more pressure from the American government and Soros-funded NGOs to jettison its Catholic tradition and accept “human rights” and the open society […]

More on the Absurdity of Coed Combat

  HERE’S YET another of the many unexamined consequences of the planned entry of women into combat — one of the dumbest and most despicable ideas ever proposed by the American government. Ryan Smith, who served in Iraq as a Marine infantrymen, writes in the Wall Street Journal that placing men and women together in war […]

The Revolution Lives

  TEXANNE writes: While searching the Internet for coverage of the Walk for Life, I found this inauguration photo. The Obamas’ iconic fists brought back memories of the protests that overwhelmed my college campus — and the nation at large — during the cultural upheaval of 1968-69.