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A Feminist Inevitability: Nude Protests

January 5, 2013


Alia al-Mahdi has stirred anger in Egypt after protesting nude against Egypt’s draft constitution. (Photo courtesy

DANIEL S. writes:

The cultural Marxist\feminist group FEMEN is back, this time “protesting” (i.e. stripping naked in public) from Sweden the recently drafted shariah-based constitution of Egypt. Taking the lead among these “protesters” is an Egyptian immigrant named Alia al-Mahdi.

The current Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt is clearly a malevolent cabal that is waging a cultural and religious war against the ancient Coptic Christian community. That being observed, Ms. al-Mahdi and her Swedish cohorts are not in the least bit interested in the current program to destroy the ancient spiritual tradition of the Coptic Christians, rather they despise all religions, and made this clear in their protest in which one of the protesters used a Bible to cover her exposed sexual organs. FEMEN is nothing more than an outlet for narcissistic media whores.

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