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A New Traditionalist Term

January 20, 2013



So-called “consensual parenting” would be more accurately termed “abdication parenting.” I assume that is the point, at bottom, for parent figures who adopt this (non)parenting model. As with most other liberal/progressive ideas, abdication parenting is self-centeredness taken to its extreme. No authority equals no responsibility, and vice versa.

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Michael S. writes:

Terry Morris writes:

So-called “consensual parenting:” would be more accurately termed “abdication parenting.”

Indeed, it is not parenting at all. The essence of it is abdication. Therefore, it should be called “parental abdication.”

In German, there is a verb with a similar prefix: “abhauen.” It means, basically,

get outta here.” The prefix is separable, so that if you want to tell someone, “Scram,” you would say: “Hau ab!”

These so-called “parents” are saying to themselves something similar: “Hauen wir ab!” Or, “Let’s get outta here!”

You’re “outta here”? Then why did you create a “here” in the first place?

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